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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My most Frustrating deer hunting season yet (part 3)

image credit Harpagornis ~away~

Day two started out great I was very eager to sit in the tree I found the afternoon before. I was out in the woods just early enough to place a couple of scent wicks , tie a scent drag to my boot, and get settled in my stand about 30 minutes before legal shooting hours. Man was I ever excited.

I always keep checking the time to see when I can shoot, but for some reason that morning I was checking the time constantly. I guess I was really pumped because I had the feeling that it was going to be a great morning of deer hunting.

Shooting time had just started five minutes earlier when I heard one of the best/worst sounds a deer hunter can hear. It was the unmistakable resonance of a buck snorting. The snort came from the oak woods to my right roughly 100 to 110 yards away. I gave a couple of toots on my buck grunt and heard him walking in the leaves. My heart started racing usually that means it’s time to stand up. I slowly stood up and got my gun ready.” Wait for him and don’t make any noise”, I thought to myself.

Waiting and waiting for what seemed like forever no buck emerged from the woods. At the moment my heard started slowing down I realized the direction of the wind again. It was blowing out of the south directly into the oak woods. This time it happened to be the worst type of snort you can hear. It was the sort you hear when a deer is winding you. Dang right spot wrong time.

I bet it wasn’t ten minutes later I heard the same crunching noise of deer hopping across the stream I heard the evening before. “No stinking way” I thought. This time I didn’t blow on my call to see if I would receive a different response from the deer. Sure enough I did. There they were a doe and a fawn walking in the brush about 200 yards away.

Decision time, do I give a doe bleat or do I just let them keep on walking. Well I decided I had no other chance but to bleat. They both stopped and looked in my direction unaware of my presents. Now if I could only get them to move towards my shooting range. No such luck both deer turned their heads unalarmed and kept right on walking. I could hear them for an extended time strolling through the oak woods and out of my sight.

From there on the morning was a lot of nothing. I stayed up in my stand until around 10:30 today hoping for some more deer to emerge form some where, but all I kept hearing were those pesky squirrels. You know the ones that jump around on the leaves and make you think there is a deer walking in your direction.

When I walked up to the parking lot I found out Ryan had taken a couple of shots at a doe and my cousin had kicked up a nice six point buck in a swamp, but never had a good shot at it. I ate a quick lunch because we had to go cut up the deer we had hanging from the night before. I was starting to get warm out and we didn’t want the meat to spoil.

Ben G.

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