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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Encounters with Moose

I started thinking yesterday after my post from the about the Minnesota moose population and the videos I saw on Way In The Bush. I have had a few memorable encounters with moose in the past and I thought it would be fun to share them.

The first time I ever remember seeing a moose was in the short time I lived in Alaska (six months or so). I was about six years old and my Mom, Ryan, and I lived with my Uncle and his family just outside of Anchorage. We were on our way to town just pulling out of the driveway in my Mom’s tiny car and there it was a giant bull moose standing in the ditch staring right at me. I remember being so scared I unbuckled my seat belt and hid on the floor until we were a long way away from the huge moose. I did see many other moose in the short time I lived up there, but none as memorable as the first.

I did not see another moose until I moved to Idaho about ten years later. I was snowmobiling with some friends off Lightning Creek Road. As we were going by some brush on a logging road out popped a cow and a calf right next to me. If I was not so startled, I bet I could have almost reached out and touched the cow. In my sheer amazement, I let off on the throttle just a bit, and in no time flat, they were off the logging road and into the forest out of sight.

In the following fall, I was out deer hunting with my good friend Josh. We were on our way back to Josh’s house from a long day out in the woods. Along the way, we heard something off in the distance. Then I saw some movement in the trees behind us. We both got our guns ready to shoot at what we expected to be a large Mulley buck, but to our surprise, it was a lot bigger then we originally thought. It happened to be a young bull moose running right in our direction. Josh yelled, “Moose!” We ran as fast as we could in opposite directions and out of the moose’s path (What a rush.) To this day, I still think something else spooked the moose because he did not even seem to see us as he ran past. I have not seen a moose since that wonderful fall afternoon.

Some day I hope to get the chance to see more of these beautiful, strange looking animals we call moose.

~Ben G.
Does this moose look real to you


Anonymous said...

They kinda are a little funny looking but they are for sure large.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen a moose in the wild. My Dad got some great pictures of some (and bears) last time he was in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Ben - I have been fortunate to have seen a few up close while fishing the lakes and streams in Eastern Idaho. I actually have some pretty decent video that my wife took while I was fishing Warm River with a moose close by with out me even noticing how close it was. They are unique that is for sure.

Long Ridge Deer Camp said...

Interesting post Ben! They are magnificent creatures! I have had some hairy adventures with them on the snowmobile trails, so when we see them in the winter we stand right off. They like the trails rather than the 4 feet of powder and hate to be crowded. I have never see a trophy bull in the wild, though I have taken one. Jack

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