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Friday, April 24, 2009

Giant Moose

I am not to sure if these photos are real. If they are holy cow that is one big Moose.

If you know anything about these photos leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.
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Bitmap said...

It looks to me like if the road is really 8' wide then the moose would be less than 8' at the shoulder.

I'm not buying the text at this point.

It looks like a big moose to me in any case, but I've never been close to a big moose, so what do I know?

Bitmap said...

Here is a forum where people are commenting on the pic.

I can see an outline that looks like the face the guy was referring to, but I don't know if it's really a face or a trick of the light.

Here is another. The pic was removed from the thread but it sounds like the same one.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a Moose but from pictures I have seen that is one huge animal.

Ben G. said...

After studing this photo for a while I am calling it a fake. It almost looks like some one took a pic of a stuffed moose and photoshoped it in.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben G. If you look at the position of his legs and feet, they are the exact same in both photos. As well as, the position of his head and body. What are the odds at getting that on both shots. Looks like photoshop. That's too bad.

Courage said...

Just received these same pictures in an email today and it said this about them:

" By the length of his beard and the grey legs, I figure he must be over 10 years old. He looks to be well over 8 feet at the top of the shoulder hump,and with his head up the height to the top of his antler must be about 12 feet .This guy is king of the forest, no bear or pack of wolves would dare come after him when he has this rack......Considering that a dirt road can fit 1 1/2 cars across ... this fellow is HUGE ..THIS IS ONE BIG BOY!


Yes, it's a regular size dirt road. "

So with that and the fact that the moose legs are the same in both pics..I would have to call it a fake too. So sad that people do that...

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree that this picture is fake. Note that the trees on the left are all casting shadows, but the moose has no shadow on the road.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am on the fence on this being a fake. Yes the legs are in the same position, but they would be if he took two strides. Plus, his beard in the second pic is swinging toward the right, like it would if he were stepping with his right front hoof. Maybe the only thing changed is the Elliot lake part. It could be, I have always heard of these "KING" size moose.

Anonymous said...

The picture isn't fake, but the description is all lies.

The road is not a road at all. It is a footpath covered with crusher dust, probably in a Provincial or National park. There are slight wheel ruts that span the width of the path, which come from light use of ATVs by park staff.

The path is 4-5 feet wide, which makes this bull very average in size.

I've walked many such park paths in the highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and in Newfoundland, and there is no doubt it is a narrow walking trail through low spruce scrub, designed to put tourists up close to moose and bear. One obvious clue is the little timber culvert cover, used extensively in national parks trails in boggy moose country.

Check out these pictures of moose on the Skyline trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park to get a truer sense of scale.

Anonymous said...

I never new there were so many exports out there on photo shopping, let alone on one no name blogg. Do you all also tear apart your friends' and family's picture, because I would hate to thank you tell your freinds that the pictures on there hunts or children are fake and photo shopped

DirtPoor said...

What the September 29 poster stated is correct: the images are real, but the descriptions have been blown all out of proportion. (Literally and figuratively) This image is commented on many sites, and the location of the image keeps changing. That is a prime indication of falsification.

The photographer took the images from a crouched position, making him lower than the moose. This makes the animal look much larger than he is. Take note of the branches on the right side of the image relative to the background. Then look at the moose. It gives a decent indication of how low the photographer was.

It is a great shot and the moose surely is an impressive animal. But, he's no monster moose. I'd love to hear the original photographer's true story about the image. I'd love to get a picture like that!

It is a pity that people ruin the story by fabrication and embellishment.

Anonymous said...

I think these photos are real because if u think of it hes behind the left trees and witch makes him not have a shadow on the road and from the first picture to the second he could have taken 2 steps and have the same leg stride witch makes it real

Jerry Arbs said...

How about the opinion of an avid photoshop user and photographer? I've done hundreds of photo enhancements and trick shots. The largest issue you encounter is lighting. Contrast and light angle. This moose is in the shade, as is the location. Minimal lighting through the trees on the left, and slight light on the legs and rear of the moose match perfectly. Unless someone happened to have two random shots of an empty trail and two matching shots of a low contrast moose, this is too good to be a fraud. What is making the moose look so large is the path it's walking on. It isn't a dirt road. The path is slightly wider than the width of an ATV. Our eye can't differentiate the perportions of the road relative to the moose because of the low resolution of the photos. We can't see the detail of that branch, or surrounding trees, rocks or camera man height, leaving us to ponder the size of that trail. Simply a good shot of a large moose on an over-sized quad trail with an interesting perspective.

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