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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dates to remember for this up coming 2009 MN hunting season.

Image credit martijnmunneke

Bear season open 9-1-09

Morning Dove season opens 9-1-09

Snipe and Rail Season also opens on 9-1-09

Early Canada Goose Season 9-5-09 (Tentative)

Dead line for Antlerless Deer Lottery 9-10-09. I urge you to take a look at the deer hunting map because the DNR changed a bunch of the Managed deer hunting areas to an Anterless Lottery. They also made a lot of changes to zone 3 early season.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt Day 9-19-09

Archery Deer Season 9/19/09

Small game season 9/19/09

Sharptailed grouse season 9/19/09

Woodcock Season 9/19/09

Take-a-kid Hunting Weekend 9-26-09

Moose hunt north east 10-3-09

Pheasant season 10-10-09

Early Antlerless Deer opener 10-10-09

Fall Turkey Hunt 1st season 10-14-09

Prairie Chicken season 10-17-09

Fall turkey Hunt 2nd season 10-21-09

Furbearer trapping north zone 10-24-09

Fox - Gray and Red Fox season 10-24-09

Badger, Opossum and Raccoon season 10-24-09

Furbearer trapping south zone 10-31-09

Deer hunt - Firearm opener 11-7-09

Deer hunt - Muzzleloader season 11-28-09

Trapping season – Bobcat 11-28-09

Fisher and Pine Marten season 11-28-09

Spring Turkey Hunt Lottery Deadline 1-8-10


Ben G.


Anonymous said...

That is a good idea for posting all the opening dates for your state.

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