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Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s never too early to start getting ready for deer season.

Photo credit to GregTheBusker
If you are any thing like me I always tend to wait till the last minute to take care of some my deer hunting necessities. Below you will find a list to help you get ready for the up coming deer season on time. Hopefully you can avoid last minute running around from store to store like a chicken with your head cut off. Here are Ten things you can do now to help prepare your self for the up coming Deer Hunting season

1. Take your gun out of storage, and disassemble it, clean toughly and put it back together. It’s better to take your gun apart now instead of shortly before the season. This way if you find out something is broken you have time to get it fixed.

2. Go shooting, it never hurts to be more comfortable with your gun and the best way to do that is to shoot it (practice makes perfect). Even if you have been using the same gun for years it’s still a good idea to shoot it and make sure every thing is working properly.

3. Take all of your gear out and go through it. You might find you need to replace something. The sooner you find out the more time you have to find a good deal on your replacement piece of equipment. For some good info on inspecting your gear Check out Whitetail Woods Tuesday's Tips & Techniques - #27

4. Call your hunting buddies and see if they are all still planning on hunting this season. This way you have time to find someone else to hunt with if they can’t make it out this year. Or in some cases you may need to find a new place to hunt.

5. If you use a portable stand take it out and set it up in a tree in the back yard. You check it out and see if any thing needs to be fixed, or modified.

6. If you hunt private land and have permanent stands now is a good time to get out and do any repairs. You will be out in the woods long before the season, and won’t have to worry about disrupting the deer’s routine right before the season starts.

7. Read as much as possible you never know what new tips you may come across. As I’ve learned in the past it can be the one new tip that makes for a successful season.

8. If you haven’t all ready start getting in shape. If nothing else start going on short daily walks. Any little bit helps you out for the season.

9. Start buying your ammo now! You can usually get a better price on it, and you will be more then likely able to get all the ammo you need.

10. Ok this one isn’t really a deer hunting tip. If you do all these things in advance it will free up more of your time to go out bird, and small game hunting this fall.
Ben G.
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Albert A Rasch said...

Great tips! Link on the way!


Mo said...

Sage advice.

It is also a good time to test potential new hunting pards. Finding out the new guy is unprepared, out of shape and high maintenance is less of an issue than having him ruin what should be another happy memory each year.

Deer Passion said...

Oh, Ben... You make me feel so unprepared. I'm always amazed at how deer season can sneak up on me!! Great tips!

Bitmap said...

If you are going to check on your permanent stand be sure to watch out for wasp nests and snakes.

Ben G. said...

Albert - Thanks

Mo - Great advise

Deer Passion - It always seems to sneek up on me and I end up forgeting something every year.

Bitmap - Good advise it sounds like you have some experiance with wasps and snakes.

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