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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Turkey Season that Won’t Be

Last Turkey season was my first experience turkey hunting. I was hooked the first time we had a Tom gobble in response to one of our calls. It was three 16 hour days of absolute bliss. Even though I didn’t get a turkey I learned some very valuable lessons. Between Luke and me we called two Jakes close enough to shoot and one of the two was with in ten feet of us.

Some things I learned about turkeys and turkey hunting

Use my own gun or know the gun you are going to use.

When taking a gun off safe that isn’t yours be sure to pay attention because they can make noise and scare a turkey.

You don’t need to call like a mad turkey it just confuses the real turkeys.

Turkeys don’t care for horse races/rides through the state forest trail system

Now it turkey season again here in Minnesota and I want to get out and hunt very badly. So badly that there have been a few nights in the past couple of weeks I have woken up because I was dreaming about turkey hunting. In a couple of instances I missed birds and a couple of time I have gotten turkeys in my dreams. I guess I just need to get a turkey fix.

Here is my problem and the reason for the title to this article. I now have two little boys under the age of two, and there is just no way I can justify getting away for a few days and hunt those dang Toms. Then there is the fact that I have been doing a bit of a remodeling project.

Maybe just maybe I can get out one afternoon and go call with my brother or my buddy Luke. If I can’t I guess I’ll just have to wait till next year and be even more pumped when I get the chance to go out. I could watch one of my turkeys hunting DVD’s that will help. Wait I better not do that then I won’t be able to stop thinking about them darn Toms.

Any way for those of you who get a chance to get out, and hunt the thunder chicken this season let me know how your hunt went. Send me some photos of you and your bird.

I’ve been thinking about starting a reader’s trophy page. Do you think it’s a good idea?

~Ben G.


Chris said...

Super idea! Heading out next weekend for a day and half hunt. I had the same thing happen to me last spring. On my first ever turkey hunt, I used someone else's turkey gun and whiffed on a gobbler 15 yards away. Last fall I used my gun and put three turkeys down. I felt more comfortable using open sights on my own gun than a scope on someone elses. Good luck!

Wolfy said...

Postponing hunting or fishing always stinks, but the one facet of life that trumps doing the outdoor thing is doing the family thing. Remember - you're not cancelling teh turkey hunt - just postponing it. Maybe a few years, but the turkeys will still be there when you're able to go after them.

I think a trophy page is a great idea - anything that creates a sense of loyalty to the site by a reader is good. People like to see their pictures, too.

(So, one might ask - why don't you incorporate a Trophy Page onto your blog? Simple - too much work)_

ArborView said...

I think a trophy page is a great idea!

I had a dream about turkeys this week too. Tis the season! I am sure before you know it you will be teaching those boys how to hunt anyways.

nimrod243 said...

I know how you feel. All those responsibilities are getting in the way of all the fun we could be having. One of these days we will look back and be greatful we put our families first. When the kids get bigger we will be able to hunt and fish all we want and not feel guilty for it. Be sure to get them boys trained in your favorite outdoor trades. It will bring a lifetime of fond memories to sit back and think about when we get old and decrepit.

I think a trophy page would be a great idea!

Happy Hunting (in your dreams)! : )

Anonymous said...

I have certainly been in your position before so I know how you feel.
There is not much to say that would make it feel any better than it does but you won't regret it and when you finally do get out it will feel twice as good.

Ben G. said...

Chris- I am now a strong beliveer that being intune with your equipment is a big key to success.

Wolfy- Thanks for the words of encouragement. I never thought to look at it as postponing my hunting and fishing. Great advise!

Ryan- Glad to hear you have the itch to go out turkey hunting. I hope I get a chance to go out with you one afternoon. Keep me posted with your secdule.

Nimrod- Thanks for the great words it helps to have my thought reinfoced. I am forsure going to get my boys into hunting and fishing. My wife and I talk about it on almost a weekly basis. I already have it figured out that I will be teaching both of them to fish first.

Rick- Thanks so much for the Great words of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Hunting is awesome, but family time is awesome with awesome sauce. Good on you for doing the family thing. :)

Bill W.
military surplus

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