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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bad Apple

Photo credit to cogdogblog

Every now and again you come across a few bad apples no matter what industry you are in, group you are a part of, or organizations you support.

I recently heard the Minnesota hunters who filed a suit against Scent Lok (for false advertising) won and will receive all of their money back for the ScentLok products they purchased. At first glance I thought to myself what a joke why would you want to waste your time going to court to get your money back for something that you know in the back of your mind can’t work 100%.

For some reason my investigative instinct took over and I had to find out more about this topic. After a few hours of research on the web I came to a conclusion. This law suit and the nine others filed against ScentLok are more about getting back at the company and its owners for some shady marketing, claims, and how they treated others in the outdoor industry.

As I see it for the most part weather you look at the sport of fishing or hunting the majority of the people who participate in, sell products, manufacture products, or write about these sports are good folks. They will help someone in need, offer good advise (all you have to do is ask), they take care of the environment, and have strong family values.

That being said lets look at the Scent Lok case. They falsely advertised their products saying that they blocked or masked 100% of human order. Even though it may be obvious this is not accurate it is still a lie. Others may have been completely deceived by Scent Lok’s claim and believed if they advertise it; it must be true as is the nature of trusting people. In my book and most others who enjoy the outdoors should agree a lie is a lie and Scent Lok should suffer some consciences.

Now there are a few other issues about the way Scent Lok treated some of their competitors, some writers, and celebrities. I don’t want to go into many details, but I will say that it had to do with patents. They also wouldn’t remove statements in sales literature from writers and celebrities who asked them to retract their statements. I know I’m being very vague. If you would like to read more about these allegations follow this link. here are some others opinions

Don’t get me wrong I believe our society is very sue happy and there are a lot of people out there who will do anything for a buck. Just remember all Scent Lok was ordered to do was pay back the price of the products purchased. I don’t know what type of compensation these guys were out to get, but I believe what they got was fair.

Now if ScentLok would retract claims of their product blocking 100% of human scent, remove the statements from their literature people wanted retracted, fess up and offer a formal public apology. I think most of us would respond and buy their product. Until this is done (maybe it has been and I am not aware of it) I strongly suggest boycotting Scent Lok and all of their products.

Maybe just maybe this will be a wake up call for others in the industry that misrepresent their products and give us all the correct info about their own products.

I would love to hear your point of view on all of this. Let me know what you think about these few questions or the whole thing. Was the law suite a waste of time? Should Scent Lok suffer any consciences? Was it Scent Lok’s right to advertise like they did? From your personal experience do the Scent Lok clothes work?


William @ AnglerWise said...

I like the part where you said: "you know in the back of your mind can’t work 100%." You're right about that, but you can't imagine what people believe these days. I personally like to stay away from companies that make outrageous claims like these. False advertising is a lie no matter how you look at it.

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