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Friday, July 16, 2010

New and Improved

Hey Everyone
This is something I just had to write about  I guess couldn’t stay away as long as I thought I could. as you know from the past I have mentioned this site before. I have to talk about them again because MBS has some exciting new things going on.

For those of you who don’t know much about MBS it is a social networking site that allows you to share your hunting, fishing, and outdoor stories with over 2000 other hunting and fishing enthusiasts. You can make some great connections with other out door folks as well. A coupel more things they provide, outdoor news and  hutning/fishing events.

The reason I’m so pumped is because they recently redid their site. MBS now not only looks amazing now, but the functionality is way more user friendly. It’s very easy to update your profile, make connections with new friends and send messages. They also added status updates, and an improved photo album gallery. I’m sure there are a few other features I’m missing so go check it out for yourself I know you will enjoy it.

I almost forgot to mention the new contest they will be doing at MBS you have until July 27th to add your story to the site and be eligible to win one of 10 prizes.

Here are the details from their site.

On to the competition. You will notice in this new version, members now have the ability to "vote" for a story. This "vote" function will ultimately determine the winners. Any story published between May 16th and July 27th will be eligible to win, and the stories that receive the most votes in that time period will be crowned winners!!! Share your story, get votes, and win!

The prizes:

1st: Dream Hunt For Two
2nd: Biologic Food Plot
3rd: BadLand's Mag Pack
4th: FireNock Lighted Practice and Hunting Arrow Nocks
5th: Custom Hand Made MyBuckStory Deer Call
6th: Custom Hand Made MyBuckStory Deer Call
7th: All Public Land Hunting DVD and the Ultimate Deer Processing DVD...
8th: All Public Land Hunting DVD and the Ultimate Deer Processing DVD...
9th: Hat
10th: Hat

The Rules:
-Only new stories posted between May 16th and July 27th are eligible to win
-The 10 stories with the most votes in that time period will win
-Each member can only vote once per story ( once you vote a story, you cannot un-vote it )
-View your story votes by going to the "stories tab" and filtering the results to display based on "most voted"
-The ten stories with the most votes on July 28th at 7:00 CST will win!
-As always MyBuckStory staff members, affiliates, and advertisers are not eligible for this competition

With all of this being said MBS also has another contest going on Get Your Story Heard on ESPN Radio!!!
How cool is this you write a good story and they put you on the radio, and tons of people get to hear you talk about it on the air waves. For more details check out this link

Thanks MyBuckStory for providing us with such a great site.

Ben G.


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