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Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Season in Minnesota

Here in Minnesota we have plenty of hunting and fishing for most everyone to enjoy. As a local radio host who moved here from Texas said something to the likes of here in Minnesota I have been able to fulfill almost every hunting and fishing adventure I wanted to go on for my entire life.

When a new season opens up it is fairly rare and can be big news. Although other states have this bird open to hunt here in Minnesota we are going to get a chance to hunt Sandhill Cranes in the far north west part of the state.

I would love to get out and try to hunt these birds, but I know right now I just don't have the time. I am curious as to how they taste, and how difficult they are to hunt. My gut tells me they taste pretty good, and they would be hard to seek up on and shoot.

The season will go from Saturday, Sept. 4th to Sunday, Oct. 10th. The shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset until opening day of duck hunting Oct. 2nd. Then shooting hours will be the same for the sandhill cranes and waterfowl. The limit will be a daily of two birds with a total possession limit of four. Hunters will also be required to use nontoxic shot which is no different than any other waterfowl hunting.

You know out were I deer hunt there is a ton of these birds all gather up for their annual migration south. Sometimes so many that it sounds like your in another world. Maybe some day they will open up the season further south by us. Until that happens can anyone let me in on any secrets on hunting sandhill cranes, is it difficult or easy? What do they taste like?


Ben G.

Here is the link to MN DNR page with all the info on this new season Sandhill Cranes


Swamp Thing said...

Those things sound spooky! The only ones I've ever seen are the ones they keep around the Whooping Crane breeding facility at Patuxent Research Refuge here in Maryland.

Enjoy hunting the "ribeye of the sky!"

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