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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Featured Blogger: Kari Murray of I Don’t Wear Pink Camo to the Woods

Hey everyone here is an interview with one of my favorite bloggers Kari Murray. Kari writes the blog I don't Wear Pink Camo to the Woods. Kari's posts are always fun to read and can be very comical.One of the first posts I read on her blog was titled Diamonds and Coon Peckers. I was hooked after that one. Here is the interview enjoy.

I originally started my blog as a place for me to burn off some creative energy, while keeping my family and friends abreast of my current hunting status. I was hoping in doing so it would keep me from being harassed to death about when exactly I was going to return to the “social scene.” I guess I have a tendency to go missing as soon as archery season opens. Well, at least that’s what my non-hunting friends say.

What is your favorite part of blogging about the outdoors?

I enjoy the camaraderie with not only other bloggers, but the all around good folks that read my blog. It’s just amazing to me how a world that is so vast in size, can feel so small and close nit when you’re surrounded by such good people sharing the same passion.

What outdoor blogs do you follow?

Oh my. Where do I even start to answer this question?
I currently subscribe to around 100 blogs, and yes-I do read everyone, but some of the ones I open first, granted they have posts, are:

And, of course, Ben G. Outdoors. (This really should just go without saying!)

If you could give my readers only one tip about outdoor blogging what would it be?

Always be yourself and be true to yourself. Not everyone is going to love what you write, or what you do, or who you are all of the time. It’s just a fact of life and knowing/accepting this will do you good! (Especially if you write about anything that has to do with killing animals! Not everyone likes it, or accepts it, ya know!)

What, in your eyes, is the biggest achievement your blog has reached?

Having regular readers, some of which have been reading for almost a year now. I always find it is just amazing that anyone would want to read what I write, let alone come back and read some more! (Actually, it’s the subliminal messages I hide within’ my blog that keeps ‘em comin’ back! But sshhh. Don‘t tell.)

Do you have any plans in place to get any of your bucket list items done before the end of the year?

Oh my beloved bucket list.
It was, and still is, my goal to check three items off my list this year, but thus far, I’ve been failing miserably!

I’ve had plans to visit the Leinenkugel Brewery just about every week since we moved into our new house (10 blocks away from the brewery) but it just keeps getting put on the back burner because of my continued hunt for a musky. Of which I was hoping to have already caught by now so that when whitetail rut comes around I can tag out and go see the Famous Lipizzaner stallions guilt free.

So in other words: Nothing set in stone, but I’ve got determination to make it happen one way or another. (And I my fingers crossed!)

How long have you been hunting?

I’ve been gun hunting something or another since I was 12 and I’m currently 32. So that would make it… gosh, 20 years now. (Yikes! I think I just sprouted a grey hair over that, lol!) As for bow hunting, it’s been a bit less, as I’m going on six years now.

Who are your major influences in the outdoors?

Besides the outdoors themselves, I would give credit to: my step-dad for being the one I got most of my early “woods time” in with, and my husband for introducing me to bow hunting.

Why do you like bow hunting so much?

I really enjoy the intimacy of it. I feel really close to nature and to God for that matter, when I’m hanging out in my tree stand. Really, there is nothing else I’ve ever done like it and I never could explain it in words, even though I’ve tried. It’s just really something a person really has to experience in the flesh.

Other then hunting, fishing, and blogging, what do you do in your spare time?

I try to keep up with my three year old son, who frankly, pretty much wears me, right out! Seriously though, I love to garden, hike, bird watch, grill out, and BS around the campfire.

If you haven't checked out Kari's sensational blog yet click here and do it. Once you stop by you will be hooked and won't be able to stop reading. I also would like to thank Kari for the time she took to do the interview and congratulate her for having one of the best outdoor blogs around.

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MNAngler said...

I love Kari (even if I didn't make her first-to-read list). She's funny, down-to-earth, and a very good writer. Who wouldn't love a girl that posts pictures of bear poop?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben for this very cool opportunity! It was really fun and I love how you laid it out here. Very professional!

LOL @ MNAngler! You're a pretty funny guy there you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Ben and Kari it was nice to read your answers. This is one good way to find out more about the people we talk to on almost a daily basis.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

Swamp Thing said...

Very nice & I enjoy reading Kari's blog as well. I've been thinking about running a similar feature on my blog - curious to see what your traffic & comments will be!

Albert A Rasch said...

Hey Ben,
She's the best isn't she. Great story lines and well written to boot!

Best Regards,
Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: Spoons: They're Not Just for Cereal!

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