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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Featured Blogger: Rick Kratzke of Whitetail Woods

Here on Ben G. Outdoors we have done quite a few interviews, but none with fellow bloggers. I though it would be nice to start it out with one of my favorite bloggers. Rick was also one of the bloggers that I looked up to the most when I started Ben G. Outdoors, he offered advise, and always kept my confidence high by commenting on almost everyone of my posts. Oh and just to let you know Rick is still one of my favorite bloggers. Without further or due here is the interview with Rick of the Whitetail Woods.

What inspired you to start your blog?

What inspired me in the beginning two years ago was a friend of mine who said he was making a lot of money with his blog which at the time sounded like an awesome idea. So he helped, and got me setup with someone who created a blog for me.

The problem with that was it wasn't my blog, I did not have 100% control so my first year was not good in that respect but good in another way. I listened and learned and became a self taught blogger and proud of it.

After that first year I went out on my one and two years later here I am even more passionate about blogging as I was when I started.

What is your favorite part of blogging about the outdoors?

One word and that is BLOGGERS. I have met in was form or another a variety of bloggers that I consider friends. Blogging if you will, is really like a family. Everybody does there part to keep the blogoshere alive and ticking. When somebody needs help you can usually find a line of people willing to do just that. Half these people probably never met anyone in person.

If you could give my readers only one tip about outdoor blogging what would it be?

I would say listen. Half of what I know I learned by listening to others talk (Read). Then trying it myself. Don't be afraid to ask a question because there are no stupid questions for one thing and for two you will always get the answer.

What other outdoor blogs do you follow?

If I missed your name SORRY, it does not mean I'm not following.

What in your eyes is the biggest achievement your blog has reached?

I would have to say Hitting the 100,000 visitor mark before my 2nd year anniversary. To me personally that is a big deal.

How did you get involved with testing Muzzle loaders?

Well first let me say I had a passion for the blackpowder sport for as long as I was hunting which is 20 years. I never had the chance to get a foot in the door until someone who had been watching my blog liked it. Fortunately enough, they knew the CEO of "Blackpowder Products Inc." They suggested that he visit my blog, and look around. He meaning Dudley McGarity emailed me with an offer at which point I quickly responded YES.

Every so often you have the Savory Sunday post which features a wild game recipe. What is       your all time favorite game recipe?

All time favorite game recipe I think would be, I am going to be modest and say "ctswamphunter's Venison Chili" I love it and urge everyone to try it.

Other than hunting and everything involved with your blog how do you spend your free time?

Spending my free time, what's that? I'm only joking, but I am rather busy. I do small side handy man type side jobs occasionally, I like to cook on the BBQ, sit back in front of my outdoor fireplace with a cold beer with my son every now, but to be honest my mind is generally split 3 ways. 1/3 deer hunting, blogging, muzzleloading, 1/3 work, and last but certainly not least 1/3 family.

How long have you been hunting?

This season is my 20th. The only regret I have is I didn't start hunting sooner.

10. What is the best whitetail deer you ever took?

The best whitetail I ever took was a 150 pound dressed 7 point buck with my trusty 12 gauge.

Is there anything else you would like to add Rick.

I have a saying that has stuck with me and that is "Deer hunting to me is a passion and just being outdoors and seeing them is worth it and if i fill a tag than I just consider that a bonus"

I hope you enjoyed the interview. I know I did. If you don't follow Whitetail Woods yet I suggest you stop by and take a look around.

Thanks Rick.


Terry Scoville said...

Nice interview to the both of you. I'd like to echo Rick's comment about the aspect of blogging which creates a sort of online family. Very true and very helpful also. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben for all the kind words and asking me to do this interview.

BigBuck_hunter said...

Whitetail deer are found across the North American region, at 29 million strong, including where cities are expanding. These areas intrude on what was once the whitetails domain. As deer become more and more exposed to this humane society, they become less afraid of humans. In these areas you can find deer walking right up to you, not spooked one bit, and coming into your yard to find whatever morsel of food they can find.

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