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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Brown Antlered Ghost

Here is a poem I wrote a few seasons back. I did a bit of revising and thought I would share it with everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

image credit theapoc

A Quiet morning in the dark
Motionless my back's against the bark
The first splinter of light passes through the trees
Melting frost off the grass with tranquil ease
Bird’s singing with out a care,
A Squirrels noisy chatter floats through the air

Waiting on the brown antlered ghost
It haunts my dreams this time of year

The time travels oh so fast
It appears as no time has passed
Hear a snap behind my tree
Images flash of what I desire to see
I almost forgot the adrenalin rush
Oh, a fox rambling through the brush

Waiting on the brown antlered ghost
He haunts my dreams this time of year

Sit so long time begins to slow
The cool fall wind starts to bite and blow
A creature is moving in the leaves
Excited to observe what my mind perceives
Heart jolts; pounding, and thumping, adrenalin is produced
It’s just a turkey soaring down from his roost

Waiting on the brown antlered ghosts
They haunt my dreams this time of year

Time seems halt
It’s not my fault
I try to hold back a cough
Before I know it I’m nodding off
A rustling in the grass
My eyes are glossed over and look like glass
Throw my head up eager to see
Is it the one who is so skillfully avoiding me?
Listen intently as the ring neck rooster crows
I have no doubt my pup will locate you with her nose

Where is the brown antlered ghost
Haunting my dreams this time of year

Contemplating getting down
I take one last look around,
Then I catch a loud noise with my ears
Out of no where he appears
It’s time to be quick
Making sure the safety won’t stick
Pull the gun up to my cheek
As he crosses through the creek
Having possession of practically the perfect shot
One or two steps, now he’s in the right spot
His time is all but done

See the brown antlered ghost
Who haunts my dreams this time of year

Blood surging, heart racing
Calm down, Take a deep breath, you know what you’re facing
It is time to attack
Ease the trigger back
Bullet explodes out of the barrel
Racing toward him with out peril
The antlered ghost doesn’t know what’s forthcoming
I know because he is not running
No uncertainty, the led will sail straight
Neither he nor I grasp his fate

The brown antlered ghost
Haunts my dreams no more this time of year

He halts and freezes
No time to think my finger just squeezes
He dashes away
On the groud he should lay
I can’t believe
Can my eyes deceive?
Fire once again
Is this all just inside my brain
He’s still standing
Where are my bullets landing?
He out of sight and gone for the season
How did I miss him I have no reason

Waiting on the brown antlered ghost
Haunting my dreams again tonight!

Ben G.


Ryan said...

Nice job. I bet that took some time.

The Average Joe Fishermam

Coloradocasters said...

Excellent work on this. Very worthy of publishing.

Ben G. said...

Ryan- Thanks and yes more time than I would like to admit

Thanks a bunch

Passinthru Outdoors said...

Excellent job. Thanks for sharing.

Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

Ben G. said...

Passinthru- Thanks and no problem

heyBJK said...

Great poem, Ben! Nicely done! It was worth the time it took.

Ben G. said...

Thanks so much Brian. I think I like the finished product too.

Kirk said...

A very well written verse
I like it but probably would do much worse
Hunting I have never done
The Ghost and you both have won

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