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Friday, December 3, 2010

My most Frustrating deer hunting season yet (part 6 final)

image credit Dawn Endico

Sunday was the final day of the season. How many shots had I fired so far ZERO I think that has only happened to me NEVER.

A scarce amount of snow flakes drifted down from the gray sky this morning and there was barely any wind. I slipped into gear and proceeded out to the woods with my stool in tow (blah!) I had a decent spot picked out from the day before so I headed out in the direction of this so called spot.

As I approached the edge of a field I noticed something in the shine of my head lamp two sets of deer tracks in the snow. They appeared to be from earlier in the morning or late evening the day before.

Normally when scouting this would be a good sign. That early in morning it was defiantly not something I wanted to notice. All it meant was the deer were traveling in the dark, certainly not a good indication. I just kept thinking maybe it was only two deer that opted to get up early (lol).

I plopped my stool down and took a seat. The sun lit up the woods in a hazy glow and the wind started to blow off and on. I saw or heard nothing needless to say I was frustrated. Then just as I was about to give up I heard something moving in the swamp. I gave my deer call a couple of toots and nothing else happened no deer nothing. For all I know it could have been a coyote.

It was about 9:15 and we had all planned to meet back at the parking lot by 9:30. I got up and proceeded out of the woods. I know what you are all thinking why would any one leave the woods so early? Well as a group we decided to do a couple drives in some small patches of woods around the public land. Then drive to my Uncles brothers’ farm and push the woods there as well and last but not least push the woods on my grandparents land.

We all had a quick snack hopped in our vehicles and were off. Our first drive produced nothing; our second drive was more of us just walking through the woods eager to scare up a deer. I saw tons of deer tracks heading out of the woods we were all walking into a very brushy area and into a swamp. I think this is the first time I’ve ever walked this much of the public land we hunt and not kicked up at least one deer.

When we got to my Uncle’s brother’s land we all spread out I posted near where the woods funnels down to an old fence line. My Uncle posted in an open field to the east my brother posted on the west side of the woods and the others pushed through the woods. When the guys were about half way through the woods I saw something out of the corner of my eye speeding across the plowed field to my right. I pulled up my gun only to bring it back down again because it was only an owl. End result of this drive was nothing.

We headed to my Grandparents house to push their woods. In the past we’ve had some success pushing deer out of the woods, but we’ve never been able to shoot one. All of us but my Uncle walked to the other side of the woods as he posted on a rock pile. We were all ready to push through the woods. Then my Great uncle came running out of his house shouting you can’t hunt here they don’t want you to hunt here. Once he realized who it was we all laughed it off. It’s nice to see family looking out for each other.

The drive produced no deer, oh well another bummer of a season.

Next up turkey hunting this coming spring.

Ben G.

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Albert Quackenbush said...

Sorry to hear about your season, Ben. I have heard that a lot of people are having similar luck. I haven't killed a deer in two years. Two really tough years, hard hunting, but no kills. I wish you the best during turkey season!

Ben G. said...

Thanks Albert

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