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Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi-Tech on Ice: How Many Electronic Gizmos Do We Really Need?

Almost 25 years ago, Lowrance brought back a limited edition of its Green Box Flasher sonar, the world’s first sonar unit for recreational anglers, and I had to have one. As a child, I’d seen a guy on the ice with one of the original Green Boxes and held him in same awe I’d have held a time traveler from the future.

In my own first experiment with a Green Box, I drilled a hole near concrete pier pilings in the swimming area of a summer camp, put the transducer in and watched, enthralled, as the teardrop baited with a mousie appeared as a red bar and sank lower on the screen. When a thicker red bar appeared on the sonar’s dial below the lure, a shot of adrenalin got my heart beating faster. Excitement built as the thicker red bar merged with the thin one. Anticipation of a big crappie flopping on the ice turned to frustration as the big bar faded, reappeared and faded again, this time for good. After another fruitless hour, I returned fishless and disappointed. Read the rest of the article here How Many Electronic Gizmos Do We Really Need?


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