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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World’s Best Largemouth Lakes

Ask 10 expert anglers around the country for their pick of the world’s best bass lake and you’ll get 20 opinions; everybody has one or two or three candidates. And to make things more complicated, some lakes that were great five years ago are not all that good today; changing water conditions can turn a world-beater into an also-ran—and if you arrive on the best lake in the country just after a cold-front, forget it—fishing will be tough, no matter how abundant they are. That said, here are a few lakes where you’ll have a great shot at success if the Fates smile on you. Follow the link to find what the World's Best Largemouth Lakes are


Swamp Thing said...

Thanks for sharing. Some amazing places. I've personally seen the Potomac River turn around, as sewage plants have upgraded, and as new highways divert runoff into appropriate stormwater facilities. It's been a nice change.

One question - no Mexican lakes on that list. That's a little weird.

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