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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sharing The Love: How to Improve your Blog by Helping Others

 I'm going to talk about helping others. Blogging isn't just about writing. Alot of it has to do with helping others help you.                                                                                                    
Start out by following other blogs that intrest you and are related to your blog. After you've sorted through all of the blogs out there, hone in on the one's that are posting most often. Start engaging in conversation with them, by posting comments on their posts. Don't get over whelming and make sure your not just posting come and check out my blog at If you do no one will take you seriously and your comments will be deleted.

After you have established relationships with other bloggers in your industry make sure you start giving them some love. How do you do that? Add a link to their blog from yours in a few of the following ways. On your links page, in your blog roll, in a related links section, by referring to a blog post  bloggerX has posted their blog that relates to the next blog post you are writing.  

The next couple of things take a little extra work, but are well worth it for not only you but your blogging buddies. Ask outdoor bloggerX if they would like to do an interview, if they say yes, interview them, write it up and post it on your blog. Make sure you add at least a link or two back to their blog as well.  Example:

How about asking another blogger to guest post on your blog? Ok, this one may require more work on their end than yours, but in actuality you're still helping them get the word out about their blog. Example:

Start asking every blogger you know if you can do a guest post on their blog, some will say sure and you won't hear back, some will say sure and give you a topic and post it, and other will say sorry maybe some other time. Now not only does this one help bloggerX out by giving them a break for one post it gives you a chance to get your name on another site and hopefully some links. Example:

There is one extra step to make this work even better, ok, maybe three extra steps. 1. Blog (on your own blog) about your guest post on outdoor bloggerX's blog and send extra traffic their way. 2. Make sure you mention your guest post on all of your social media outlets. 3. Send an email to all of your friends with a link to your guest post (make sure you tell them how proud you are about it). 

Doing all of this will send extra traffic to bloggerX's Blog and who knows maybe they'll ask you to come back and guest post again or not. Either way you've helped out anther blogger and you'll feel better about yourself.

One last thing create lists of your favorite blog post, blogs, bloggers, websites, and whatever else you can think of. Make sure you write a brief description of each and provide a link back to website or blog. This way you are giving love to lots of people at once. You'll help them out by giving them publicity, a link, and making them feel proud that you included them. If they like what you had to say, they might even give you a link or mention on one of their social media outlets.

That's all for now. Keep up the great blogging and I'll see you all next time

Ben G.

PS I'm changing my approach to blogging and hope you all like my new angel. I want to help everyone succeed in our industry and I hope all of my tips and tricks can help you out. Let me know what you think.

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