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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Image Credit Paco Espinoza

Hello everyone I know it has been quite a while since my last post something like two weeks. Let’s get down to it. One reason I don’t like summer is all the extra things that need to get done around the yard/house. In the end they are all worth it. At the same time I love it because it gives me an excuse to get OUTSIDE! Even if I’m not out in the woods or on the lake I love being outside.

Like for instance my cousin Aaron (hunting family) came over and helped (basically installed it himself) put central air in our house. My step dad Bob also helped wire it up. So now we have a nice cool house every day.

Oh the joys of owning a female dog. My yard looks like it has freckles just because of our wonderful pup Daffodil. This ends up taking more of my time having to always fix spots (we still love her though).
How can I forget the garden its lots of work, but well worth it in the end. I can’t wait for my potatoes to be ready this year. My wife absolutely loves tomatoes, so they out number any other plant in the garden. I think we have some squash and peppers also.

Stump removal I had to remove a stump in our front yard a few weeks back. I went out thinking it would only be about a one to two hour job. Boy was I wrong. I dug around the stump to find it was about four times the diameter just below the soil. I had to sharpen my chain saw countless times before I finished.

Now to the title I haven’t had the time to get out into the woods much lately, or do anything really related to hunting. I haven’t even gotten a chance to go fishing yet this summer. L Don’t worry I plan on getting out in the woods tomorrow with Daffy I will bring the camera and post about our afternoon hike.

One more quick update my little hunting partner Wyatt sliced open his heel a couple of weeks ago and got 10 stitches. After the stitches came out his foot isn’t healing very well. So it’s back to the doctor today for another visit.

Ben G.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

100,000 LBS of Walleye

Around the end of May I read an article from the Outdoor News about the amount of Walleyes harvested in Mille Lacs Lake. These fish were taken by Minnesota and Wisconsin bands of Ojibwe. I was astounded by the number of 100,000lbs.

I have always known that they were able to harvest walleyes because of an 1837 Treaty. I however don’t really care for the fact that they are out netting and spearing before the Minnesota’s fishing opener.

It frustrates me that the Ojibwe are able to harvest these fish with out any sort of regulation to size. When the rest of us have this horrible slot limit we have to follow. As it states on the MN DNR web site Release immediately all walleye 18.0” through 28.0” Possession limit is 4, with only one over 28.0”

One other problem they are seeing on the lake the walleyes are dieing off. Most people think it is because of the fact that walleye live in deep cool water and the stress of bringing them out of the water so quickly when fishing kills them. Then if these fish aren’t with in the slot limit they have to be put back in the water.

In my opinion there is one easy way to solve this. Get rid of the slot limit and let everyone keep the first four fish they catch. This would eliminate any dead fish and make everyone happy because there wasn’t any slot limit.

Ok I guess I should be happy that we are able to at least get out on this wonderful lake and go fishing.

Link to Outdoor News article
Link to MN DNR Mille Lacs Lake Limits

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Ben G.

Friday, June 5, 2009

An Outdoorsman’s Best Tool

image credit tombothetominator

Arguably the knife is an outdoorsman’s most commonly used tool when out in the field (besides your gun of course). Some times they are multi tool knives like a Swiss army knife or a Leatherman. Some have multiple blades, or just a single blade.

I personally never leave home with out a pocket knife of some sort. I find they come in handy not only in the field, but for every day use. Like opening packages of any sort, cutting the annoying thread on your shirt, picking out slivers, and cutting off the excess on a zip tie. This list of uses could go on and on.

I find myself carrying multiple knifes when I am out deer hunting. It may seem kind of odd, but I like one type of knife for field dressing, skinning, and a different type for everything else.

Most of us own a bunch of different knives, but when it comes down to it you always have your favorite. Mine was my Kershaw Ken Onion until one day a couple of weeks a go it disappeared. I feel naked with out it, but I guess one of my other knifes will have to suffice for now.

Let me know what your favorite knife is or even your favorite hunting tool.

Ben G.
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interview with Warrior Outdoors

I ran across Warrior Outdoors on Camo Space and was very intrigued by there page. From there I went to their web site and really liked the concept of their company. It was very unique in my opinion (read the interview for more info). I had no choice but to get in contact, and interview the founders of Warrior Outdoors, David and Cory.

Below is a trailer Dave sent to me. It show cases the quality and ability of Warrior Outdoors video.

First can you explain to my readers what Warrior Outdoors is.

In a nutshell Warrior Outdoors is a cooperative of hunters who film their hunts, then pool their footage for hunting related productions.

What inspired you and Cory to come up with the unique idea for Warrior Outdoors?

Before we started Warrior Outdoors I owned an outfitting business in WC IL. Many of my clients had been filming their hunts, and eventually I got involved in filming. Originally, I got involved in filming to collect hunting footage to use to promote my outfitting business. I immediately became hooked on the challenge of filming hunts. I sold my outfitting business in 2006. At that point, I had a pile of tapes with no idea of what to do with them. I did not have enough footage for a DVD. I was not a big name hunter, so a TV show was out of the question. I realized that there were many other people out there in the same boat. I had many clients that filmed their hunts, and filming was starting to become more popular as camera technology became more affordable. So, I asked Cory to join me in forming Warrior Outdoors.

How did you and Cory Meet?

David: Our wives work together. We went on a double date about 6 years ago, and Cory showed up at the restaurant with a pile of hunting pictures. The rest you might say is history.

Do you offer any other products beside the Videos?

David: Yes, we have branded some products with the Warrior Outdoors logo. Our most popular items have been our hats. We also sell decals, custom turkey calls and some really good base layer clothing. We have plans to have a t-shirt and outer clothing line in the near future. We have received a lot of compliments on our logo.

How long has Warrior Outdoors been in business?

David: 3 years

How many titles are currently available?

FULL STRUT was our first DVD. We sold 1000 copies then decided not to sell anymore because we felt it was not as good as we could do. Since, we have released some online Webisodes on our website just to illustrate to visitors what we are about.

When do you expect the next video to be out?

Our first big game DVD will release in August. RACK ATTACK will consist of 25 hunts of all antlered animals taken with both bow and gun. We will start editing FULL STRUT II this summer for a December 2009 release.

Additionally, Warrior Outdoors will be participating in a TV show called Hunting For The Dream . The show will consist of 6 new production companies all competing for the grand prize of one FREE qtr. of air time on Untamed Sports TV . The show will begin airing on Untamed Sports January 2010. The winner will be determined by fan voting and the winning show will start airing in 2011. More information regarding HFTD and how to vote will be released this fall. Please visit our website regularly for updates .

We also plan to have a local show here with our local FOX affiliate in 2010.

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I have a real passion for bow hunting and filming hunts. I have pursued whitetails, turkey, elk, mule deer, and antelope with a bow and arrow. I have over 5 years experience guiding whitetail deer and turkey hunters in the Midwest. My formal education includes a BS in Animal Science and an MBA. I have spent my entire professional career in sales and marketing. I also enjoy the cattle business, fishing and camping. Although I'm a very busy man, I spend most of my time with my wife of 9 years, Claya, and our two daughters Avery and Ellie.

I have been chasing big whitetails, turkeys, black bear, and antelope with a bow for almost 15 years. I have a true obsession for being in the outdoors and capturing Mother Nature’s unique undertakings on film. I spent 8 years fishing and professionally guiding in Alaska. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Environmental Science, which I put to use in my current career as an Environmental Engineer. Me and my wife, Kara, reside in Iowa with our three children, Zaine, Gage, and Maren.

How long have you been hunting?

Dave - I harvested my first deer when I was 13, but was tagging along with my dad and grandpa long before that. I turn 33 this summer, so I guess over 20 years. Wow, I'm getting old!

Cory – I began upland bird hunting when I was 14, which eventually led into whitetail bow hunting at the age of 16. I’m not as old as Dave, man is that guy old, but I have been hunting for 17 years. You can do the math!

What type of animal do you enjoy hunting the most?

Dave - Without a doubt it would be whitetails. I am fortunate enough to live in world class whitetail habitat. For me nothing beats bow hunting for whitetails. I really enjoy chasing spring turkeys, and have became addicted to elk hunting, but nothing gets me day dreaming more than thinking about mature whitetail bucks!

Cory – Ditto to Dave’s answer. I’m sure I have a bias when it comes to whitetails, but to me there is nothing quite like harvesting a mature whitetail. Being form Iowa, I have been fortunate to witness large wild whitetail doing what they do, and even more fortunate to have taken several record class animals. Turkeys go hand in hand with Whitetails in the Midwest, and here too I have been fortunate to take many turkey’s with my Bow.

Hope you all enjoyed the interview

Ben G.

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