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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turkey Hunting Addiction (Part 3)

Photo curtesy of

Our final early morning hunt

The morning started out decent this time not running too late and we were on a mission this time (Turkey or bust). After having that last drip of coffee we went off into the woods only about 15 minutes behind schedule. We finally got out into the woods before the turkeys were down from their roosts.

With every thing set up perfectly, and a stellar game plan I snuggled in to the blind and Luke hid under his pine tree. After the morning we had a couple of days ago we were set to shoot a turkey on this day and had the completely the right mind set to do so.

We called for a short while and sure enough our turkey buddy gobbled back. After a couple more calls he was headed in our direction. Every thing was going just right we even moved the decoys into a new position were we were sure the turkeys would see them.

Then it happened, the strangest noise I had ever heard (not knowing what it was). It sounded like someone was putting shingles on their roof in the middle of the woods. We got the turkey to call back only a few more times after we heard this horrible sound.

The noise quit after a short while. We called and called and couldn’t get a peep out of any turkey in the woods. Then the horrible noise started up again, but this time it was coming from the opposite direction. We finally figured out what the noise was it was HORSES!

Luke and I were unaware of a day long horse ride or race through out the state forest. We were dumb founded and didn’t know what to do, so we went back to the car to get some coffee and devise some sort of a plan to help salvage our day. We decided to take a drive along the forest road to see where exactly the horses were at.

On our drive we ran into another hunter who said he the exact thing happened to him. The horses came through and the bird quit making any response to his calls. Now we decided to resort to the type of hunting we didn’t want to do, but didn’t see any other choice. Drive hop out of the car walk into the woods, and call for a short while. If you get a response go hunt. This didn’t work so well because the horses were literally on every trail, and every road in the state forest. What a bummer. For the rest of that day Luke and I hated horses and wished they never existed (it was our joke for the day).

Off to the gas station to find a new spot to hunt……

Ben G.

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Arbor said...

That sucks the horses ruined your hunt. On the bright side, you were able to check out some different hunting spots, and next year you will have a backup location if you need one!

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