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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turkey Hunting Addiction (Part 2)

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Day two of our season

The second day we were off to an earlier start, still not early enough, but oh well. After a 15 hour day the day before we were both tired, the hunt must go on. As we finished up our coffee, and doughnuts we heard a gobble out in the direction we were hunting. I grabbed the gun and off we went out to the woods.

We got set up in the same spot as the day before, but about an hour and a half earlier this time. We had spent some time getting our spot just perfect the evening before, so it took way less time to get set up and ready to shoot that big Tom I saw yesterday afternoon.

Both Luke and I started calling. I didn’t take long to get him to answer back. You could hear him getting closer and closer. I kept thinking to my self that this was the day I’m going to get a turkey. He kept getting closer.

All of the sudden I heard two turkeys replying back to us. This would explain the frequency of his gobbles. I held up two fingers in Luke’s direction he held up two in return, letting me know that he herd two different birds also (I knew I wasn’t hearing things). Now I’m thinking for sure I was going to get a turkey today and I might even have my choice of which one I want to shoot.
After a short time one of the birds got really close he was gobbling with in 50 yards of us, but I couldn’t see him out in the woods. I could feel the addrelin pumping now I was ready to shoot him with #5 turkey load right as he took his first step out of the woods into the opening. Then the next time he called he was walking in the opposite direction. This is where our inexperience left us very confused and disappointed.

We stayed put for quite a while calling and listening to the turkey call back as he kept walking in the opposite direction. Eventually we got up and went to see if we could sit some where else and call him in. No luck. On our way back to get the decoys and the blind we called a couple of times and found one of the two birds. He decided to walk around us.

Luke and I called then walked for a bit, sat and called again. He called back a couple of times, but never came in our direction. We walked again sat and called, but no go he was long gone. It seemed like a good time to go and get some food.

That same afternoon we went out, and never saw or heard any turkeys. We did however find out where the wood ticks were I think we picked off over 100 between the two of us that evening.

Day two the morning was intense, but still no bird. I’m feeling like Turkey hunting has become an addiction. I also found out that 16 hours is a long time to hunt.

Ben G.

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Great blog mate. I'm adding you to my blog roll
Good luck with getting your turkey
happy hunting

Poor Boys Outdoors said...

Great story, Ben. I've been chasing turkeys for about 10 years, and I still get educated by them every year! And this year was no exception. Alot of times when you have one gobbling like crazy and headed your way, only to turn and leave - he found a real hen or hens along the way. That happened to us several times this year. Its tough to call one in when he's hanging with the real deal. Good luck with the rest of your season!

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck.

I'm still trying myself so we both should cross our fingers.

Ben G. said...

Suburban Bushwacker,
Thanks and You are now added to my blog roll also.

Thanks and thanks for the advise it's always appreciated I'll remember that for next year.


Thanks for the luck and good luck your self


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