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Thursday, June 11, 2009

100,000 LBS of Walleye

Around the end of May I read an article from the Outdoor News about the amount of Walleyes harvested in Mille Lacs Lake. These fish were taken by Minnesota and Wisconsin bands of Ojibwe. I was astounded by the number of 100,000lbs.

I have always known that they were able to harvest walleyes because of an 1837 Treaty. I however don’t really care for the fact that they are out netting and spearing before the Minnesota’s fishing opener.

It frustrates me that the Ojibwe are able to harvest these fish with out any sort of regulation to size. When the rest of us have this horrible slot limit we have to follow. As it states on the MN DNR web site Release immediately all walleye 18.0” through 28.0” Possession limit is 4, with only one over 28.0”

One other problem they are seeing on the lake the walleyes are dieing off. Most people think it is because of the fact that walleye live in deep cool water and the stress of bringing them out of the water so quickly when fishing kills them. Then if these fish aren’t with in the slot limit they have to be put back in the water.

In my opinion there is one easy way to solve this. Get rid of the slot limit and let everyone keep the first four fish they catch. This would eliminate any dead fish and make everyone happy because there wasn’t any slot limit.

Ok I guess I should be happy that we are able to at least get out on this wonderful lake and go fishing.

Link to Outdoor News article
Link to MN DNR Mille Lacs Lake Limits

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Ben G.


Doug O said...

I was equally shocked by the numbers. I am new to Minnesota and the laws associated with the tribes. It sure seemed to me to be excessive. What do they do with that fish? Do they sell it on the market, to they deep it and feed the reservation? Interesting to follow this story.

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