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Monday, November 9, 2009

My New Gorilla Silverback Magnum HX Tree stand (A review of)

Last year I had my  Gorilla tree stand stolen when I left it out in the woods, so I was in the market to get a new stand this fall. I had received some gift cards for my birthday this past summer and decided they would be great to use to get a new tree stand.

I looked at a few different brands not wanting to limit myself to just Gorilla. I ended up coming to the same conclusion I had the year before I like Gorilla Treestands the best.

Now I had to decide which one of the Gorilla Treestands I wanted. It was between the King Kong Lounger HX and the Gorilla Silverback Magnum HX. I almost walked out of the store with the Lounger HX, but the idea of a 13lb tree stand was the deciding factor that pushed me to the Silverback.

I’ve had this stand sitting in the basement for the last two months begging to be used. I finally got the chance to use it this last weekend for rifle opener. I was initially very impressed with how light it felt on my back even when I added all of my extra gear.

When I put it up in the tree opening morning I loved the fact that it was so easy to place in the tree. Other then the little fumbling around I did because it was dark out and I was still a little groggy from not getting enough sleep the night before. I would guess it only took about five to six minutes to set the tree stand up.

That morning I only really sat in the tree stand for about an hour. I shot at a deer about two minutes after legal shooting time. Needless to say I didn’t really get to test out the comfort of the Silverback Magnum HX, but so far I was impressed with everything I had seen.

That afternoon I decide to move my stand to a different spot. I had some trouble getting the stand off of the tree. I soon realized it wasn’t the stand it was me  I wasn't using the buckle correctly. When I figured out how to use the buckle the stand came right off the tree. There was nothing wrong with the stand at all just the user.

When I moved the stand over to a new tree it was just like the walk earlier that morning easy. I t was great to have such a light stand. After I got my clumsy climbing sticks set up and a few pegs I was ready to carry the stand up the tree. I had just put the strap over my shoulder and clink my new tree stand had fallen to the ground. The shoulder strap had come on done. I was a little annoyed with this but I was able to fix it quickly.

This time I think it only took me three to four minutes to get the stand up in the tree. As I was setting up the stand I thought to myself “I think I have this thing figured out”.

After sitting in the new tree for about two and a half hours I decided that the new stand was also very comfortable. The seat cushion was not too hard and not too soft but just right. One other thing I discovered was the Velcro straps on the removable seat cushion made noise every time I shifted in my stand. It wasn’t a lot of noise, but it was enough noise to make me pay attention to it every time I moved or stood up.

The next morning went just as smooth as the first no problems at all. After lunch I decided to move my stand again. It was very easy to take my stand down again and I just love how light the Silverback Magnum HX tree stand is. (Do you see a trend)?

I arrived at the new tree after a 20 minute walk. No sore shoulders (like in the past) because it felt like I had nothing on my back. I set my tree up with my climbing sticks and some screw in pegs. Again as I was grabbing my stand to put it in the tree the strap came undone. I have to admit this did frustrate me a bit, but I fixed the strap and set my tree stand up again. It just keeps getting easier and easier to set this stand up in a tree. I bet it only took me two to three minutes this time.

I got up in the tree and sat down and just about feel asleep when I heard a noise. I stood up and the Velcro stuck to my hunting suit making an extremely loud sound. If there was a deer it would have been gone in an instant. I can say I don’t like the Velcro on the seat I wish they would have used buttons, or magnets. With a little adjustment and making sure to unstick my hunting suit from the Velcro before standing I was able to sit and stand without much noise.

Over all I really like my new Silverback Magnum HX Tree stand. It does have a couple of annoying little down falls, but they can easily be over looked, because of the quality of the craftsmanship, the comfort, ease of use, and of course the weight. The problem with the straps can be easily fixed with a little clip, and I have to figure out a way to fix the Velcro on the seat cushion.

If you have any ideas on how to fix my Velcro problem please let me know.

I give The Gorilla Silverback Magnum HX 8.9 out of 10. It would have been a 9.5 if it wasn’t for the Velcro incident.

~ Ben G.


Pink Camo Gal said...

I hate that your tree stand got stolen! That is insane!

Emily said...

Wow - I'm impressed with how fast you were able to set it up. I have no clue regarding tree stands. I'm thankful that the type of hunting we do is roaming around the mountainside. I think I would get so antsy sitting up in a tree stand. Although, we are looking into tags for Iowa 2010 deer season. So I'm sure that I'll be learning all about tree stands in the near future.

Rebecca said...

Well, despite my, you know, terror, I read this and the next time someone brings up treestands I will be able to either point them this direction or give them an overview from someone who knows what they are talking about!

Bitmap said...

"I shot at a deer about two minutes after legal shooting time."

Well, did you get him? If not can you give us an analysis? I'd like to avoid as many mistakes as I can and learn all I can about hitting, missing, and tracking.

I don't understand how the velcro is causing noise. I just can't picture it.

Is the cushion moving and causing the velcro to pull apart when you move? If that is the case then maybe duct tape or tie wraps could help?

It almost sounds like loose ends of the strap are snagging on your clothing. If that is the case maybe you could find a way to secure the loose ends out of the way. Tape, tie wraps, safety pins?

Can you post some pics of what is happening? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Ben G. said...

Pink Camo Gal - I know it sucks but that's the chance I take hunting on public land.

Emily - It can get very boring sitting in a stand all day. Some times it's nice to bring something to read or write with. Or if you like to think about stuff sitting in the tree is the time to do it.

Rebecca - Are you affarid of heights in genral? and Thanks

Bitmap - I missed him or I thought I missed him. I am going to write a few posts about our recent deer season so staytuned for the details about the deer.

Thanks for the suggestions and I will do my best to get some photos added to the post.

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