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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not so productive Deer hunting Season (Part 1)

Image Credit Michael (mx5tx)

This year’s deer hunting season had lots of potential as they all do, but a few factors made the season not so productive. Sit back read and I’ll explain.

My brother picked me up around 4:30 opening morning Rob was with him already and the three of us went to the gas station to get some caffeine. After a short stop at the gas station we headed out to the refuge. The car ride opening morning always seems to take for ever even though it’s only takes 30 minutes.

When we finally arrived we hopped out of the truck and started getting our gear ready to head out into the woods. Brian was already in the parking lot, Aaron, Bruce and Brandon showed up shortly after us. A little chatting, finishing up your coffee, and taking a pee before it was too late was all the time we had before leaving the parking lot.

With our stands on our backs, guns on our shoulder, and all the hope, excitement, and optimism any group of guys could have we headed out into the woods. For what would be a very exciting, but not productive day.

I got to my tree and was instantly filled with relief that no one was sitting in it or around it. Then I proceeded to set up my stand and put out a couple of doe scent wicks. Finally I was able to get up in my sand and sit and it was more than early enough.

Sitting in my stand the first thing I noticed was that the wind seemed to be going in the absolute perfect direction out of the south west. Then I realized how hot it actually was out as I was dripping in sweat. “This is not a good thing” I thought to myself “The deer won’t even have to move it’s too warm”.

I sat for a good 45 minutes before I checked the clock on my phone to see what time it was. I had about four minutes till legal shooting time. No more than the time it took me to put the phone back in my pocket I heard a rustling in the brush right where expected I would hear a deer on opening morning of the deer hunting season. A few seconds went by and I heard the rustling again. Then I heard no sounds at all for about three minutes. Thinking to myself “it must have been a just a squirrel or a turkey”. I was just about to sit back down when I heard the same sound yet again.

Now I was on high alert expecting to see a deer. I checked the time again just to make sure I wouldn’t be shooting too early. Right on time, but I still hadn’t seen the deer yet. Then I saw him much further out then I expected to see him. His head was down and on the trail of a doe (I guess the rut was on). He wasn’t heading my direction and not going to stop. I reached for my buck grunt and realized it was still in my pack and didn’t have time to try and get it out.

With no other options other than let him pass by or stop him and shoot. I chose the latter, I made a quick sharp sound just as he was about to go into the woods. He stopped and looked right at me. I knew he was going to be down as soon as I saw him in my site. Blam, I took a shot he didn’t even move. I was completely baffled. Instantly I ejected the used shell and fired again. After the sceond shot he stumbled a bit and ran off.

I sat back down and was really pumped I had gotten a deer no more then two minutes into the new deer season. I sat for about 30 to 35 minutes, so I could settle down before I got out of the tree. As I was sitting there I thought “how many points did that deer have”. I guess I was just so focused on shooting him I didn’t even pay attention to the size of his antlers I just saw antlers.

I got out of my tree and went looking for the blood trail………………………….. Find out in the next part of Not so productive deer huting season if I hit the deer or not.

Ben G.

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Anonymous said...

Way to just leave us hangin'Ben!

Nice post. Can't wait to see how it turned out!

Bitmap said...


Sherri Russell said...

Cute - great way to keep your readers hanging Ben. I will have to stay

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