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Friday, April 17, 2009

Review of Camo Vision’s Eye Ware

I had the chance to talk with Mike Singleton at Camo Vision we had a nice conversations, and he sent me out a pair of their hardwoods green camo eyeware with the anti reflective coating.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the box was the glasses really were all camouflaged. I know I saw it on the web site, but I still had my doubts. When you have these glasses on there really is no way for anyone or anything to see your eyes. You can now be 100% invisible out in the woods.

The next thing I had to do was get them out of the packaging and put them on. When I picked them up I couldn’t believe how light weight the glasses were. I put them on and it didn’t even feel like I had them on my face. They fit so comfortably no pinching or extra pressure on my head (no head aces).One thing I did notice was that when I put them on I saw dots. I thought to my self how am I going to be able to shoot at a Turkey with all these dots. I decided to look at the packaging and see if it addressed this problem. Of course it did the package says if you wear them for 10 to 15 minutes your eye’s will adjust to the dots on the glasses. I had to test this one out to see if it was true, so I decided to wear them on three different walks with Daffy. Sure enough about 10 minutes into each of my walks I didn’t even notice the dots any more.

After inspecting the glasses for a short while I noticed the nose piece looked rather unique. It was rather large and split in the middle. This maybe something rather common with glasses. I don’t wear glasses very often so I hadn’t seen this before. When I wore them on the walks I found that is feature may be to help keep you from sweating while maintaining maximum comfort. The nose piece also detached from the glasses for easy cleaning.
Camo Vision has about 24 color options for the glasses including all of your favorite camo patterns. With each set you have the option of camo lenses with a flat black frame, camo lenses with camo frame, and you can add the anti reflective coating to either of these options.

They also offer themed glasses and can put your school or corporate logo on the lenses. How cool is that?
Now about the anti reflective coating, if you noticed in my photos there isn’t any glair form the lenses. I believe this is a huge feature and a must have when out hunting your favorite game. The last thing you want on a sunny day is a deer or a turkey to catch a glimpse of the glair from your eye ware it could ruin your hunt.

I love Camo Vision’s Slogan “Don’t Let’em See The White Of Your Eyes”! How much better does it get. If you decide to get a pair believe me you won’t regret it. They also have a testimonial page check it out.
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Ben G.


Anonymous said...

Nice review Ben and those are some very cool glasses. I just might have to get me a pair of them.

Albert A Rasch said...

Cool shades!

No glare really makes them desirable.

The Rasch Outdoor ChroniclesThe Range Reviews: TacticalProud Member of Outdoor Bloggers Summit

Mo said...

Good review. Thanks for posting.

Bitmap said...

I like CamoVision. I just wish they were ANSI rated protective eyewear.

I think the coating could be applied to thicker polycarb to get the rating but I've emailed them about it and they didn't seem interested in pursuing that.

pot said...


Sherry Lebrun said...

Sweet! My boyfriend has been looking for that camouflage safety glasses for his air-soft thing. I never thought it could be that cool! He's now about to check one Wiley X prescription safety glasses. He said it is very much comfortable.

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