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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not so Productive Deer hunting Season (Part 3)

Image Credit Bruce Tuten

With astonishment I stared at the big buck through my scope waiting for him to fall to the ground. No such luck the deer didn’t fall in fact he stopped and stood at the edge of the woods. With urgency I dug in my pocket rummaging for another shell. Nothing in my right pocket at this point I had to bring the gun down to search my left pocket .The big deer just remained motionless as if mocking me. He finally decided to stroll off as if nothing had ever occurred.

I was fuming at the fact I had only one shell in my pocket, but at the same time thrilled I had the chance to see such a beautiful buck out in the woods. This was certainly at least the second biggest deer I had ever seen (alive) in my many years of hunting.

When I arrived back at the parking lot everyone asked if I shot the deer. I said I shot at it. The next question was why only one shot. I had to explain that all of my shells were sitting on the back of Ryan’s truck except for the one I for some reason had in my pocket.

Aaron said let’s go check for blood and see if by chance the deer is still close. We grabbed our shot guns and went into the woods. We walked a ways, and it was if the buck never even existed. Then went back to check for blood. I was pretty sure I didn’t injure the big guy, so the search was very short. Aaron and I made our way back to the parking lot.

When back at the parking lot I confirmed that it was Brandon who had shot at a deer near me earlier that morning. He said it was a nice little four point buck. Ryan saw three does that morning and let them pass because he was waiting for a buck.

What a strange opening morning no dead deer, but everyone saw a deer, even Pat on the way in that morning.” Well we have all afternoon and the next day” some one said. We then proceeded to eat lunch and BS for a while.

After lunch everyone, but Brandon, Aaron and I went to their stands. The three of us went for a walk to see if we could push any deer out of the clumps of brush out in the middle of the fields. We stomped in and out of about six of these little spots with no luck what so ever. (A lot of deer sign) At that point I headed back to my stand to go sit for a while.

When I arrived at my stand I just couldn’t sit in it. I knew the spot I had my stand in was geared more toward a morning location. I felt it was better to move my stand, let this spot cool off, and then try and hunt it the next Saturday Moring.

I quickly took my stand down and quietly walked out of the area. I wasn’t in much of a hurry to get to the new spot I scoped out and I didn’t want to sweat too much. I actually dropped my stand off at the tree I had picked out. Then headed the 200 yards back to the parking lot to get rid of some of my extra stuff, and grab some more water. It was an awfully hot day and it seemed like I was always thirsty.

After I was hydrated I put my stand up and was sitting in it by about 3:00pm. I sat until the end of legal shooting time and didn’t even hear or see a single thing. It was a little disappointing, but that’s just the way deer hunting goes some times.

I don’t believe anyone else saw any deer that afternoon. Which is all right ”it’s only the end of the first day how could it turn out to be a not so productive deer hunting season we have lots of time left” I thought to my self as I jumped in Ryan’s truck before leaving that night.

You will have to wait for Part 4 to see if we shot any deer on the second day of the season.

Ben G.

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Bitmap said...

If you kill all your deer the first morning then your season is over quickly. OTOH you can still go out with your buddies and watch and help them track if they need it.

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