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Friday, September 18, 2009

Trout fishing Part 1

As you probably already know last weekend I went on a trout fishing trip. This trip was way more fun than I imagined it would be, so here is a bit about the first part of our trip. Hope you enjoy.

We started out early Saturday morning. I was up at four and George picked me up around 4:30AM. Then we headed over to Gary’s. When we arrived we put all of our stuff in the suburban and were off on our six hour drive to the north shore. It was a pretty uneventful drive Gary brought along some magazines for us to read, we talked a bunch, and I think George took a snooze.
Our first stop was the cross river. My guess was that Gary and George had fished this river before, because they knew right where to go. After we parked I packed up my backpack with all my new fishing stuff, changed my shoes, and grabbed the camera. We were off on my fist Minnesota trout fishing trip.

We walked down a short trail, over a bridge and then down to the river bank. We started fishing almost right away. Fallowing Gary and George I watched them as the hopped from rock to rock. We stopped not far up the river when Gary said, “Ben cast in the small eddies and you will catch fish because that is where they are hiding.” So the next eddy I saw that looked promising I casted my spinner out into, and wouldn’t you know I caught a little brook trout. At that moment I knew this was going to be a good trip.

The three of us kept leapfrogging each other up the river catching small rainbow trout all the way. Just as we arrived at the fist big pool I realized I was missing the top portion of my new fishing rod (which was in my backpack). I did a bit of backtracking and couldn’t find it any where. Being the fishing was so good I decided I would look for it on our way back down the river so I could keep fishing.

Right when I got back to the pond Gary and George were fishing George caught a very nice rainbow. It was too bad he couldn’t keep it. In Minnesota you can only keep the stocked rainbow trout (you can tell because they have a clipped fin).

George's Rainbow Trout
We kept on going up the river catching a trout here and their mostly rainbows. We finally ended up at a spot where we couldn’t get any further up river. Instead of turning around we decided to see if we could get around the clifs blocking our way, but after walking for about 20 min. we decided it was best to just go back and eat lunch.

We did a little fishing on the way back down the river but didn’t catch too much. I never did find the top half of my new pole, but that is ok I sill had my ultra light.

We went back up the trail and to the truck. By this time we were all pretty warm, and decided it would be a good idea to hop in the truck and find a shady spot to eat lunch. We found one and ate our sandwiches in the shade. After lunch we were off to the next river.
PS I have more pictures of the next river.
Ben G.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like my kinda trout fishing and it's to bad you didn't get to keep that nice looking rainbow but, it was a good catch none the less.

Ben G. said...

Rick it sure was fun!

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