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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hunting Business Marketing's Top 50 Hunting Blog Posts 2009

Dayne over at Hunting Business Marketing has put together a list of the 50 Best Hunting Blog Posts for 2009.  I suggest you go over and check it out there are a lot of good posts to read.

 The top honor goes to with a post titled Huge Monster 192”: A Two Year Adventure. Actually took the top three spots (#2 being Fixed Blade vs. Mechanical Broadheads – The Great Debate and #3 being Bowhunting Success in Illinois – The Creek Buck).

Whitetail 365  obtains posts in 4th (Whitetail Are Tougher Than You Think) and 5th (Portable No-Trespassing Signs?).

The FS Huntress has the 6th (Hunters Who Happen to Be Women) and 7th (Q&A, Angela Wilson, Taxidermistspots).

Field Notes takes 8th (Environmentalists on Hunters).

Outdoors International grabs 9th (Building Trail, Fishing & Wolves).

 Rounding out the top ten Base Camp Legends nabs 10th  (Idaho Archery Bull).

If you jump down 14th you can see Ben G. Outdoors with Trout Fishing Part 5 (final) a pretty good showing considering how good the competition is.

Hope you enjoy reading all of the great posts.

Ben G.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ben! Thats just awesome and you are very deserving. Congrats!

Rebecca said...

Well done Ben, thats a top pin showing in my book. Congrats to you and your blog.

Wolfy said...

Ben - congrats on being recognized as an outstanding blogger.


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