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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Logo Options (We need your help to decide)

In my last post about my goals for 2010 goal # 4 stated that I wanted to have a new logo by May 1st well here are a few options. I hope to have something sent back to the designer for the final design by the end of this week or early next week.

Please let me know which one is your favorite and If you have any suggestions on changes to any of the logos please let me know (colors, fonts, anything goes).

Here they are:

Option #1
Sometimes I love this one and other times I just go yuck

Option #2
This isn't really what I was looking for, but I do like the look of it

Option # 3
I really like this one, but I think it looks a little bit too much like The Sportsmans Cannel's logo.
If I did use it I would change it to say Ben G. Outdoors

Option #4
This is my own creation I combined aspcets of the other options to create it.


Ben G.


Marc said...

I like #3 as well Ben, that one looks clean and professional!

troutrageous1 said...

#3, no doubt about it.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I like #3 also, but if it looks too much like The Sportsman Channels logo, maybe you could change the colors of the letters, or make the background a solid color, circles white, and the buck, bird, and fish, with color color. Good Luck!

Wolfy said...

First of all, let me begin by saying that NOP ONE listens to my opinion.

I think #3 is too Sportmans Channel-ish - too commercial. i REALLY like logo #2.

Which ultimately means DO NOT use it

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Wolfy, what ever you do! lol. Just kidding.

I like #2. It makes me smile when I look at it and have a peaceful feeling ...for whatever that's worth!

Bill said...

I like #2 as well.

Anonymous said...

What the heck, Ben, I am going to go with #4.

I just like the fact that you said you designed it from parts of all the others, and after all, it is your blog so your design would be fitting.

Dennis said...

I like a few but #2 is my fav

Biazzio said...

Ben I like number 3 I agree it is very professional looking, with a modern feel. Damn I have been to to many wine tastings!

Kevin Jones said...

I like #3. By definition, a logo should be simple and communicate your brand. I believe this logo does this well.

I have added you to my blog role on Keep posting and I'll keep reading! I found you through blogcabinanger (mel).


Rebecca said...

Hmmm...I like 2 and 3
I know, thats not very helpful, but if you choose either one I'm quite certain I could live with them =)

ArborView said...

I am choosing option 4. My thought process is below!

I like number 3, but like you said, it looks too much like The Sportsman Channel logo, so I am throwing that one out.

I really like number 2 because I am a tree guy, but it doesn't fit with your blogs content as well as the other options, so I am throwing that one out too.

That leaves numbers 1 & 4. I like 4 the best. I like the look of it, and I think it fits your blog really well.

I hope that helps!

Zach J said...

2 for sure

The Hunter's Wife said...

I like #3 but I do agree it is a bit like Sportsman. Maybe you can combine 2 and 3 somehow.

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