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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was asked by Michelle of the Sportsman Channel if I would like to volunteer at the Hunt.Fish.Feed.SM sponsored by Sportsman Channel, Safari Club International Foundation, Comcast, and FISHAPALOOZA event in St. Paul MN. I accepted and enjoyed every minute of it. Here is how the day went for me. Enjoy!

I got out of the house only about 10 minnutes later than I had planned too, but still had more than enough time to get to the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul. Everything was running smooth until the directions I got online lead me about a block and a half in the wrong direction. I was so confused. I drove around for about 15 extra minutes and finally decided I should park.

I walked around the wrong block and back to my car. At this point I was almost late (I hate being late) and started walking in the opposite direction. Not more then a block and a half and there it was. I hurried up and went to the door.

When I got inside I couldn’t find anyone who would point me in the right direction. Eventually as I was wondering the halls behind the kitchen I ran in to my Twitter Pal Jim Braaten. Just as I was shaking his hand I saw Micelle and shook her hand as well. I could tell at this point my luck was changing.

There were so many volunteers I couldn’t even fit in the room where the directions were being given. I just stood outside the door and chatted with Jim and Michelle for a bit until the room cleared out and I was able to drop off my coat.

getting the fish ready to either be baked, fried or deep fried
Cutting up veggies for the chili

I followed everyone to the kitchen where more directions were being given. This time I couldn’t hear them so I just kind of jumped right into the action and started carrying boxes of fish over to the table.

Venison all ready to be cooked for the chili

Cooking the Chili
The next thing I found myself doing was adding flavor to the already breaded fish caught the day before. It was getting kind of bored and felt like I wasn’t contributing very much.

Then they decided to deep fry the fish in the fryers. Being that I wasn’t doing too much I thought what the heck I’ve never done it before, but why not give it a try. With some brief instructions from the main cook in the kitchen I was off and frying fish like a pro.

Me getting the fish be 4 I put them in the deep frier

Me using the fryer for the frist time (I'm concentrating)

Every one cooking fish

Michelle Cooking up a storm

As each batch of fish was done I put it in a large serving tray. Once each tray was filled up as a finishing touch I sprinkled some lemon juice on the fish. Then I put the tray into the warming oven so it stayed nice, warm and delicious.

    This is what the fish looked like after I cooked them

This whole time I was being followed around by the camera crew for the Sportsman Channel. I wasn’t sure what they were going to use the video for, but the camera guy Justin told me it was going to be on one of the fishing shows on the Sportsman Channel. So keep your eyes peeled around the end of March on the sports mans channel. (Who knows maybe I’ll be a big star someday) I will get more details form Michelle and keep you updated.

So other than fresh caught fish we also made, some venison chili, rice, green beans, and frozen Pollok. I all smelled very good and made me very hungry. I did sample the fish and I did a good job. We had more than enough people to dish up the meals and clean off the tables, so I felt like I was just in the way and left a bitearl. In total we served over 200 meals to the men, women and children. I’d say it was a good day.
Here is the whole group

For more info about future Hunt.Fish.Feed. events check out this link there may be one near you soon.

I’d like to thank Michelle Scheuermann of the Sportsman Channel for asking me to volunteer and Jim Braaten of the Sportmans Blog. for all of the great photos you saw on this post today. Oh and I met the Norton Lam of the Journal of a Minnesota Angler.


Ben G.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Very nice Ben. What a great program and experience I'm sure you had.

CDGardens said...

What a fantastic opportunity! It sounds like you had a great time.

Michelle S said...

Great job cooking on the fryer Ben! I am so glad I was able to meet you and our other "twitter" friends.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend a day!

Don't forget to check out the outdoors at New Jersey Campgrounds

Biazzio said...

Ben that looks killer! I love to cook and fry just about anything even fish!

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