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Friday, March 12, 2010

Revised 2010 Goals for Ben G. Outdoors

Can you help Ben G. Outdoors achieve our 2010 Goals?

Image courtesy of pfala

1. Have at least one Guest post a month on other Blogs
(Why Decoys are so important while turkey hunting by Ben G)

2. Generate no less than 5000 page views a month by the end of June and maintain and increase number through the end of the year. 

3. Have paid advertisers by some time in August

4. Have a new logo By May 1st.

5. Interview at least three other bloggers by the end of the summer

6. Have at least two new solid contacts in the hunting and or fishing industry by September 1st.

7. Average 10 new e-mail subscriptions a month

8. Have at least five contests/give a way’s in 2010

9. One more term Like “Giant Moose” before years end see (Story of the Giant Moose)

10. Google page rank of 4 or higher by years end (recently whent from 2 to 3)

Thanks For your help any suggestions or feedback is more than welcome.

Ben G.


steveo_uk said...

google to rate the page ranking system and are about to change / or get rid of it, so i wouldnt worry to much about it if i was you

MNAngler said...

Those are some pretty lofty goals. My 2010 goals were all about fishing. Perhaps I need to consider some for my blog as well.

The Hunter's Wife said...

I think you did well with your list. Good luck with your goals.

Wolfy said...

Sounds like a full-time job to me!

I'm struggling a bit now trying to STOP my blog from consuming me. I want it to stay fun.

Good luck.


Ben G. said...

Stevo_UK - I had no idea they were planing somthing like that do you know of any articles I can read.

MN Angler - I know they are a bit lofty but I need to push my self I might need to set some fishing and hunting goals my self.

Hunters wife - Thank you!

Wolfy - I hear you, but I'm still having tons of fun with it.

Mark - Wired To Hunt said...

Good luck Ben! I'm right there with ya, gotta love this blogging grind haha

ArborView said...

Sounds like it will be a great year for you, I look forward to following you blog!

Anonymous said...

Pretty aggressive goals, Ben. I gotta' hand it to you. Those that are ultimately successful reach for the stars. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Those are all great goals Ben and if there is anything I can do to help just holler.

Eric The Cleric said...

Good luck man, love to hear more from you.

5crows said...

Hi Ben, got the FCS in the water yet? email me, I can send you a contact or two in fishing space, one in NM and the other in WA.

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