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Friday, August 6, 2010

Public Hunting Land: Hunting for upland birds the good and the bad.

In my last post I gave you the good and the bad of deer hunting on public land. Although some of the same things can occur for deer hunting as upland bird hunting there are a few differences.

The Good

1. There is always a place to hunt

2. Usually there is good off road parking and you won’t have to walk very far to get into birds.

3. DNR officers always seem to be around and can point you in the right direction. (They may not give you an exact location, but can give you a general idea of were to go.)

4. Others hunt the area and if you ask around you can find out where the birds are with out even going afield.

5. You are not just stuck to one piece of property, if you find the right area there is usually more than enough land to hunt in a weekend, and all with in a short distance.

The Bad

1. Other people can be hunting where you plan to hunt or you may have to watch out for bow hunters.

2. Areas can be over hunted and birds may be all gone or savvy to hunters.

3. There might be other dogs in parking lots, some times dogs don’t get a long very well.

4. You can easily get lost in unfamiliar areas. One time my buddies and I all ended up out in the middle of a tamarack bog. It was a very scary situation, but we made it back ok.

Ben G.
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Wolfy said...

All true, Ben, but, at least in recent years, Michigan and Wisconsin grouse on public land has been pretty good. A very good friend of mine LIVES for huns in Montana, and it's getting so bad out there - combination of EVERY piece of land getting leased up, coupled with recent down cycles in the bird populations - that he's gone back to grouse and woodcock.

The Hunter's Wife said...

My husband hunts on private land and I have to say I'm thankful for safety reason.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Wolfy's blogroll...great job on your site.

I've been hunting on both lands...yes the dog thing is true. I hated it when my dog got sidetracked when fetching. lol

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