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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My most Frustrating deer hunting season yet (part 2)

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After filling my belly with a couple of ham sandwiches and some other snacks I headed out to find a new spot. I had a rough idea of where I was going to go. I walked around for about a half an hour trying to find the perfect tree. Then I saw it, it was great just out in a swamp not far for the edge of the woods. The only problem was it was extremely difficult to get to. I tried approaching it form the east and couldn’t find a good way to get there, so I walked to the west side of the tree and still couldn’t find a good way to get to it. Well this would be an amazing spot, but there is no way I would ever be able to find this tree in the early the next morning with just my head lamp. Let alone be quite doing so. The search continued for the next best tree.

After another short walk I found a very good tree right near three scrapes and a couple of rubs just off of a main trail and near numerous others. It was a poplar tree just across a moderate sized opening from oak woods. I was pumped and ready to get set up.

I hurriedly set up my stand and was ready to go. Felling a bit thirsty I reached for my bottle of water and realized it was all but gone. Man there was no way I was going to make it the next four hours with out any thing to drink so I hoofed it back to the parking lot to get more water. A very uneventful walk I might add.

When I finally got back to my stand there was about three hours and fifteen minutes of light left. I was all right with that, it still set me up for prime evening deer hunting. It was a bit windy and hard to hear anything, but as the evening progressed the wind started to die down.

I sat until roughly sunset (30 minutes of shooting time left) until I heard two deer cross a small stream directly in front of me about 400 out. I blew on my call and nothing no more sounds. Then about five minutes later I heard the deer walking through the brush where I couldn’t see them. I felt as though I had mess up big time. If would have only just let them keep walking and not blown on the call they may have headed right in my direction, but then again who really knows.

Shortly after I heard the deer cross the stream I heard three shots from my Uncles direction. Then about 30 seconds later a fourth shot. Later I found out my Uncle shot at three does missed the first two, the third one slowed down. He took one more shot and took her down. It was a perfect shot right through the heart and lungs.

Wanted to also let you guys know my Brother Ryan had a similar situation to me opening morning. He was up in his stand when a guy came walking by. He stopped and had a brief conversation with Ryan than went on his way. After the sun came up Ryan noticed this same guy was in a tree only 50 yards away from him. Come on people wake up and be respectful of other hunters in the woods. Go by the unwritten first come first serve code in the public woods.

Well at least we got one deer.

Ben G.

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CDGardens said...

It does sound like hunting public land creates some interesting situations for you.

Congratulations to your Uncle on taking a doe!

Ben G. said...

I sure can, but I think we put up with it because there are some very large deer out there and it seems that just about ever year you see some 220lb bucks taken. The two Biggest I've seen were field dressed at 302lbs & another at 296lbs

Ryan said...

Enjoyed your post. Found your blog today on OBN. I am hitting the "follow" button right now. =)

The Average Joe Fisherman

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