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Monday, November 22, 2010

My most Frustrating deer hunting season yet (part 5)

Image credit Eponabri
That next Tuesday my cousin Aaron shot a doe. I wasn’t able to hunt until the following weekend, but the fate of my second and final weekend would be partially determined on the Wednesday afternoon before the weekend arrived.

I had taken the afternoon off to help my father-in-law roof my wife’s grandma’s house. Well needless to say it started to rain, we were in a hurry and I wasn’t paying attention when I slipped and caught my left wrist on the edge of some metal flashing in a valley on the roof. I slowly hurried off of the roof and my mother-in-law drove me to the hospital. I ended up getting six stiches in my wrist.

I was extremely frustrated I couldn’t help finish the roof, when someone said something about not being able to go deer hunting. It hadn’t even dawned on me until that moment, would the rest of my season be over? Nope, I’m too dedicated to let six stiches stop me from deer hunting. It would however limit me in the woods.

Friday evening my wife helped me figure out a way to wrap my wrist up so I was better protected form the possibility of hurting it further by bumping it. I ended up packing my 20 gauge shotgun instead of the 12 gauge for a couple of reasons.

1. I thought it would be easier to hold when shooting.

2. It’s a semi auto so I wouldn’t have to pump the gun after shooting.

I had also asked my brother to bring his hunting stool so I could have a place to sit. I wasn’t going to attempt to climb a tree when I couldn’t make a very tight fist.

Saturday morning finally arrived as I looked outside I saw one of my favorite parts about living in Minnesota, SNOW! Any day but today would have been nice. Ryan showed up a little later than normal because of the poor conditions and we headed out to the woods.

After a long slow drive we ended up in the parking lot. When I stepped out of the car the wind took me by surprise. Wow, the wind wasn’t nearly this bad in town. After thinking about going home for a brief moment, we suited up and headed out to our hunting spots. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going to sit but had a general idea.

As I was walking the only thing going through my head was stupid wrist now I can’t sit in the perfect tree. I did find a nice spot to sit on the edge a small clearing relatively close to the parking lot. With all the wind and snow I didn’t expect to see much and I was right. At about 8:30 I decide to pack it up because I was very wet and a bit cold.

I stopped back at the truck and dropped of the stool along with some other unneeded gear and went for a short walk. Just to see if I could kick up any deer bedded down in some thick brush. Nope, no such luck I met Ryan and Aaron back at the parking lot. Being the weather was so nasty and our gear was all soaked we decided to call it a day and go eat some breakfast.

What a bad day for hunting.

Ben G.

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Lauren from Colorado School of Trades said...

It looks like ice!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! What a rough year for you but at least you got to get out some ☺ (which is always better then being at work!

Swamp Thing said...

Ben, I have to appreciate (and chuckle) that your season went from "not so productive" to "most frustrating" in the span of about 2 days! Believe me, I can empathize.

On friday, I'll be getting back in a tree stand for the first time in over 2 years. On a farm where I've only hunted birds. My only hope is that if I do get a shot, I don't miss. Is that too much to ask?

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