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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hunting family

I recently did a guest post for Elizabeth at the Deer Passion blog tilted Why Hunting is the Best. In that post I noticed a lot of people commenting about their own hunting families. I would like to give you a little bit more background about my hunting family and why I call them my hunting family.

Like Gary of Base Camp Legends said,” And when your best hunting friends are your family it is the best –“. I agree a good portion of my hunting family is family too. I hunt with my cousins, uncles, and my brother it just makes it that much better. I deer hunt with a few other guys too, who are just like family now.

To quote Blessed of A Blessed Crazy Life Blog“the interaction doesn't just stop at the end of hunting season - it's the middle of summer and you need help with your truck, or a tree in your yard, or just want to get together for a bar-b-que - the hunting buddies are there”! My hunting buddies are the same way and it is so great any time I need help I can guarantee at least a couple of them will help out no matter what time of the year it is, or what the task may be.

Our deer hunting party always has the core group of guys. The group consists of My Uncle Bruce (The Silver Back), My Brother Ryan (Big Foot), my cousin Aaron (If I can see it I can shoot it/Deer slayer), my other Cousin Brandon (The Cook) and my self. We try to get others to join with us every year, and have added one more guy who hunts with us every year Pat, and another guy Rob who hunts almost every year. Last year we recruited one more guy Brian (It was his first year deer hunting), and we are hopeful he will become a regular.

My hunting family does expand past my deer hunting party, but only with a few more guys. When I go out grouse, pheasant, or squirrel hunting I add to the family, my good buddy Luke, another good buddy Troy, my uncle Larry, and my cousin Nick. This group I’m a bit more hesitant to add others. The reason is when you are doing this type of hunting you are usually in pretty close range of one another, and you never know how safe the new hunters are.

I really enjoy hunting with every one of these guys I call my hunting family. I hope every one else who hunts can find a great group like the group of guys I hunt with. The hunting time I spend with all of these guys will give me a life time of memories, and lots of stories to tell.

Ben G.

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Tom Sorenson said...

Thanks for the link!

My hunting family is mostly my genetic family, too. Which makes for a big camp, just the same - lots of hunters in our family!

Deer Passion said...

My hunting family is also mostly related family. I do have one friend, also a female, who I've hunted with occasionally. But most of the time, my hunting family is my husband, my dad, my mom, and my numerous uncles!

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