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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Turkey Tags

Whoo Hoo!!!
I received my turkey permit. For those of you not from Minnesota we are not granted our tags unless we win a lottery. If you can't tell I'm pretty pumped about getting it. My good buddy didn't get one but that's ok. He is still planning on going with me and doing some calling, just for the experience. That was our intention any way if only one of us got a tag the other would go and help out.

So this is will be first experience either one of us has had turkey hunting. I'm slowly getting all of the gear I need. I can't believe all of the options there are for camo its unreal, but I am sorting it out and picking up what I think is the right stuff.

I bought some mouth calls about a month and a half ago. I enjoy the challenge of learning how to use them. I know I have at least five of the ten calls on the CD down and I'm close on about three more of them. I love riding in the car listening to the CD and practicing. (Amber doesn't appreciate it when I practice in the house)My dog went crazy at first but now she seem use to it now.

I also bought a slate call which my wife is better at using than I am. I think I almost have everything I need. Luke and I went out and got some decoys. Along with some other stuff we didn't need. The only thing I don't have any info on and need to find some soon would be how to field dress a Turkey. I guess I'll just have to go buy a book or something.

Well that's it for now I can't wait till April 30th. Oh before if any one has any advice on Turkey hunting please send me as much info or links to articles as possible.


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