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Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I write this Outdoor blog!

Image credit tnarik

I hate to say it, but the reason I originally became interested in blogging was the potential to make money. What I ended up finding out was I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my stories and opinions with others. I decided to focus on writing about the outdoors because I love being outside, and I love to hunt and fish.

Here is an excerpt from a prior post called How it all Started and Brought Me here! this explains a bit more as to why I blog.
 “Over the last five years or so I have wanted to start my own business I've looked in to so many different things I can even count them any more. Then shortly after deer hunting this season my wife said to me Ben you get so excited about hunting what’s with you you’re just like a little kid. Then it hit me like a brick wall “hey dumbo why didn't you think of this sooner. You love to hunt why don't you try something in the outdoors industry.” Here I am pursuing my dream, and it's something that I am very passionate about. This is just the first part of my journey in the outdoor industry and plan to keep moving forward from here.”
As previously stated I want to get more involved in the outdoor industry and I believe blogging is a good way to open up new doors and meet new people.

Over the course of writing my blog I have come to find out I enjoy writing. (I wish I knew this back in high school and college.) It‘s fun to get my ideas on paper, polished or not. Sometimes writing posts for my blog helps to relax me, or get frustrations out.

Another reason I keep blogging is the community of outdoor bloggers. It is just great to hear all of the feedback everyone leaves. I also enjoy all of the support around the outdoor blogging community. If you ever have a question or a thought you can ask anyone, and most of the time they will gladly help you out.

Ben G.


Anonymous said...

Ben, the outdoors and blogging are one heck of a combo. Where else can you write about what truly keeps you going and readers asking for more.

Anonymous said...

Well stated, Ben. Blogging and sharing and communicating with each other is infectious. Blog on!

wandering owl said...

Hey Ben! Nice post. I failed to mention in my post that I originally thought that there might be a chance that I could make a little money blogging about the outdoors - it's what I love and know. Found out the money will be a long way off - if ever!

And the blogs we get to read have all new and diverse content. That's awesome. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to your hunting season posts!

Matt said...

I've always loved writing, but other than that it sounds like your motivations for blogging and mine are pretty much the same.

Sherri Russell said...

Hi Ben, My story is similiar too, but the more I blog, my reasons change. Great article.

Ed said...

Right on Ben. Sometimes sharing a moment in the woods or on the water just can't be done with a picture or video alone.

Blogging lets people into my world, but only as far as I want them... ;)

FishCreekSpinners said...

Glad you found the virtual ink Ben!

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