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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trout fishing trip on the horizon

image credit MarvinSiefke
As I mentioned in an earlier post I am going on a trout fishing trip on the 12th (this weekend:)). I finally got a chance to go shopping over Labor Day weekend.

I was in dire need of a few new fishing supplies. I was in the market for a new fishing rod, one that split in half. This way it would be easy to carry it on a four wheeler. Me being the bargain shopper I am, headed straight for the sale section and quickly found a couple of rods that would fit my needs. I decided on a six foot Daiwa Crossfire rod and as luck would have it the rod came with a reel. Although I wasn’t really shopping for a reel, but I am sure I can find a use for another one. The whole set up only cost $30. I also had to purchase some light mono line, small trout fishing net, and a little tackle box.

Then I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a few fishing lures. I started out by grabbing a couple of Blue Fox spinner’s one silver, and pink and the other gold. I grabbed a few hooks and some power bait too.

As always I spent more than I wanted too, but it was needed.

A couple of nights ago the three of us got together, so we could discuss what was going on with the trip (time we were leaving, what to bring and so on). Gary showed me the tackle box he brings for the trout fishing trip.
Now even more excited then ever I went home with some good ideas of what to bring with me. When I got home form our meeting I went straight to my tackle box and grabbed a bunch of stuff to put in my trout fishing tackle box. I found my trusty speedy sharp (this is one of the best tools I have) and placed that in my new tackle box along with some small hooks, some more sinkers, a couple of plastic minnows and a few jigs.
I think I’m set the only things left for me to do is get my trout stamp, pack, and switch reels on my new rod.
Ben G.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Ben, sounds like your all ready to tangle with some trout. Hope you enjoy and have good success. Looking forward to a post on your trip.

ArborView said...

Have fun this weekend!!

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