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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How it all Started and Brought Me here!

My brother Ryan and I use to spend a lot of time every summer on our Grandparents 80 acre farm here in Minnesota. We were outside all of the time helping Grandma out with chores, feeding the steers and cleaning out the barn. I always loved helping out.

One summer for my 10th birthday I got a spring loaded BB gun. It didn't take long for me to become a pretty good shot (soda cans). Once I became a dead eye it was my mission to shoot all of the sparrows around the farm. I spent countless hours chasing sparrows around the giant pine trees that surrounded the farm. I don't think any of the birds we killed went to waste because we always fed them to the farm cats, and after a while they came to expect us to bring them the birds. This is where the flame to hunt inside me started.

That fall my uncle Larry and his friend took us grouse hunting . Even though Ryan and I didn't know what was going on as we fallowed Larry and his friend around. We watched and learned as much as we could. I do know they missed quite a few grouse that flushed up right in front of them. It was a blast and I'm sure mom was grateful when we came home so worn out.

Around that same time my other Uncle Bruce took Ryan, Aaron (his son) and myself out Squirrel hunting. I shot a .22 for the first time and had a blast running through the woods chasing squirrels up trees. This went on for a few years and I enjoyed every hunt as that flame in side me became a fire.

Once I was old enough to play football I didn't really have much time for hunting . Needless to say my hunting life was put on hold and the fire to hunt was now just a single flame.

My sophomore year in high school I moved out to Sandpoint ID to live with my Dad. He took me out deer and elk hunting. I also did a lot of deer hunting with my good friend Josh. I really only got to shoot at one deer, but the flame inside me to hunt was rekindled and back to fire size.

I moved back to Minnesota my senior year of high school and started right back where I left off. The only difference was I had a job and was able to buy my own .22 and 12 gage. I did so much grouse pheasant,and squirrel hunting I knew just about every woods we hunted like the back of my hand. I could tell you when we were going to flush out the birds and where we would see squirrels. I had tons and tons of fun, and fire was bigger then ever.

I finally shot my first deer when I was 20 what a rush. The fact that it was an eight point buck made it even better. I haven't missed a deer season since and as time went on I kept hunting as much as I could.

After I got married I didn't seem to have as much time for hunting as I use to. I still never missed a deer season and made some time for the occasional grouse hunt and fishing trip.

As recent as this last fall I felt that fire to hunt in me grow and grow. It must have been because of the birth of my Son Wyatt. I to want to teach him as much about hunting as I can so he can enjoy it as much as I have.

Over the last five years or so I have wanted to start my own business I've looked in to so many different things I can even count them any more. Then shortly after deer hunting this season my wife said to me Ben you get so excited about hunting whats with you your just like a little kid. Then it hit me like a brick wall hey dumbo why didn't you think of this sooner. You love to hunt why don't you try something in the outdoors industry. Here I am pursuing my dream, and it's something that I am very passionate about. This is just the first part of my journey in the outdoor industry and plan to keep moving forward from here.

I'll be back soon
Ben G.


Deer Passion said...

It's always good to see people following their dreams! Can't wait to read more from you!

cibery said...

Very cool story. Best of luck in your new venture & I can't wait to hear about your's and wyatt's hunting adventures.

Anonymous said...

I think you off to a good start. Finding out what your passionate about and taking that to another level is what will keep you moving forward.
Good luck and I look forward to more posts.

Mel said...

Hello Ben - I agree your off to a good start with your blog. Keep the posts coming! We have a little in common as I write about Idaho and fishing on my blog. Stop by and say hello.

Peter Hunt said...

This brings back a lot of good memories for me. Keep it coming!

larryb said...

Just read this older post Ben and I can really relate to it about developing a love for guns and hunting. :-)

Also, my young fella was shooting a pellet gun at four years old with his 5 year old sister and I and I'll tell ya, watching those little tykes plink'n coke cans hung by their tabs on low tree branch tips at 30 feet, was a real large rush for this ol' boy. Get 'em into it all, I say! ;-) lb

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