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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ten Turkey Hunting tips

With turkey hunting just around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to share Ten turkey hunting tips I’ve found to help you stay hidden while turkey hunting. Some of them may seem a little bit odd, but I will give an explanation for all of them.

1. Camouflage head to toe
Remember turkeys can see way better then you and me and if you aren’t in camo you will stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Some sort of Eye ware
That at least some what camouflages the whites of your eyes. You many not think it’s a big deal, but tell that to the turkey when he gets startled by two white floating circles.

3. Camouflage your gun.
This isn’t a must but it sure can help. If your gun is camouflaged it will be that much harder for the turkeys to see. I also wanted to mention that there are quite a few options when it comes to camo on your gun here are just a few options. Buy your gun that way, pay to have it dipped in a camo pattern, cover it in camo tape, buy a camo gun sock, or even paint it yourself.

4. Use a blind or brush to conceal your location.
This along with your camo will help so you can move around a bit, because you may be sitting for hours at a time and sometimes your foot or leg falls a sleep and you will have to adjust your position.

5. Make sure you have a pad or a chair
This way you will be comfortable and not have to move nearly as much the less movement the better.

6. Soft soled boots or shoes
This allows you to sneek in to your position much quieter because you will be able to feel stick underneath your feet before you put all of your weight on it and make a loud crunch. It also allows you to keep your eyes off of the ground when you are running and gunning.

7. Turkey decoys
The decoys help to focus the turkey’s attention away from you and toward the decoys.

8. A vest designed for turkey hunting
Being these vests were made for turkey hunting they usually help limit your movement when reaching for a call or anything else. The pockets in the vest are designed for each different call to also limit the movement of the calls while in your pocket thus eliminating any extra noise.

9. Mouth call
All though they can be hard to master a mouth call is a great choice. When you use a mouth call you can keep your hand on your gun at all times, and you don’t have to move to use it.

10. A strategically placed friend who can call for you.
This works out kind of like the decoys because it takes the focus off of your location. Turkeys are more apt to look where the sound is coming from, than at nothing (you).

Next time you go out turkey hunting try out one or even all of these turkey hunting tips and let me know if they worked for you. Remember the goal is to not be seen or heard until it’s too late for the turkey. With that said good luck in your next turkey hunting adventure.

~Ben G.

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Bill said...

All great tips. I haven't taken a turkey for a long time now. Maybe that will change this spring.

Ben G. said...

Thanks Bill, I'm hoping I can get one too!

ArborView said...

Great tips Ben. Hopefully we can use them this spring!

Biazzio said...

Ben I agree 100% with you on covering the eyes and being camouflaged head to toe. I like to use netting from the craft store like you find at the beach for breaking up my gun outline.

Ben G. said...


I'm hoping to get out and hunt with you!


Great idea I never thought of that thanks for the tip.

Claudia Lawrence said...

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