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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review of the Speedy Sharp

Have you ever came a cross a tool you never knew existed then after you used it you couldn’t figure out how you lived life with out it. This is what happened to me when my Dad gave me Speedy Sharp for Christmas a couple of years ago.

When I got the Speedy Sharp I number one had never heard of it. Two didn’t know what it was and three when I figured out what it was I didn’t have a clue how to use it. Now if I don’t have this great tool I feel lost when out in the field or on the water.

The Speedy Sharp is just what the name says it is a speedy sharping for your knife or any other tool you own like scissors, Hatchets, Broad Heads, Fish hooks, Axes, and even a lawnmower blade. One of the best attributes of the speedy sharp is that it is small enough to fit in your pocket or even a small tackle box.

When you’re in the field and you find your knife has dulled typically you would just have to deal with it, or head back to the truck to get your stone. If you decide to just deal with a dull knife you risk the chance of making a very big mess out of your kill or catch. Even worse you increase the chance of cutting yourself.

It kind of looks like I use this alot doesn't it

With the Speedy Sharp you can avoid both of these scenarios. All you have to do is grab it out of your pocket, pull off the cap and with just a few strokes on the carbide tip for each side of your knife your knife will be good as new or even sharper than new.

Just turn the package around and this is what you see instructions on how to use the speedy sharp

The Speedy sharp also offers users a honing tip. It’s just as simple to use as the carbide tip. Now that I have the Speedy sharp I have no excuses when I comes to having a dull knife.

I just wanted to share a great example of how the Speedy sharp saved my butt. Last fall on my trout fishing trip the Speedy Sharp came in very handy. I had been using my pocket knife for cutting line and I even used it to cut some twigs and other misc. stuff. Well by the time I caught the first trout big enough to keep I realized I had dulled my knife too much to gut my prize (or meal). I set the fish down, reached into my back pack, pulled out my tackle box, grabbed the Speedy sharp and proceeded to sharpen my knife. All of this took maybe 30 second total and I was able to gut my fish and throw it in the krill. How about them apples!

The only thing I can say bad about the Speedy Sharp is that it is easily lost in your pocket or bag. Other than that it’s a great tool and I think every hunter and fisher person should have one.

Oh and these bad boys only cost $9.95 each. The more you order though the lower the price goes. Also if you would like custom imprinting on the Speedy Sharp they can do that too. This way you can add your logo and hand them out as a useful promotional piece. There is one other great thing about the Speedy Sharp it has a lifetime warranty yup you heard it forever!

I did want to mention that the do offer one other tool on there website, but I don’t have one so I haven’t checked it out yet it’s called the Super-Bright PALight.
Here is what the Super-Bright PALight looks like

~Ben G.

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Rebecca said...

You got an email subscription! I'm all signed up. About that speedy sharp, sounds like a must have for the hunting pack without a lot of bulk or weight. Thanks for sharing it~

Ben G. said...

Woo Hoo my first one ever thanks Rebecca. Not a problem I love it if you can't tell.

ArborView said...

Great review Ben. I think Dad got me one of those too, now that I know what it is I have to find it so I can use it!!

Ben G. said...

Do you have any idea where it is?

ArborView said...

There are a couple of boxes it is probably in. I just need to do a little searching.

Anonymous said...

From Dad
It's good to see that you finally figured out how to use one of my persents. I use to use mine all the time until my wife was cleaning out drawers one day and packed it away in a box, when I went to sharpen my knife the next time I couldn't find it and who knows what box it might be in. I also use to use it for all our kitchen knifes so get a couple of them and keep them handy.

Ps. Tell Ryan that his Speedy sharp might be in the same box as the rock we gave him for Christmas a few years ago. Ha Ha

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