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Friday, February 5, 2010

Wildlife Callers

I had a very pleasant conversation with Marc Reindell of Wildlife Callers a few weeks ago and I really like what they have to offer their readers and customers. Here are a few things I discovered in the conversation and  by checking out their web site.

Wildlife Callers consists of Mark Healy, Marc Reindell, and Dave Martens. They started in July of 2009 as blog about wildlife calling, predator hunting and wildlife photography with a focus on Mountain Lions. With over 23 years of experience calling all types wildlife in four different states I’d say it was a good fit for them. Recently they have expanded their blog and added a store.

When you are browsing the Wildlife Callers blog you will find many different sources of information from Mark Healy’s advice on calling and hunting, to great guest posts by professionals like Chad Messa of Messa Sky Wild life Photography, posts about their hunting and calling outings, and other great bits from around the web related to wildlife calling, predator hunting and wildlife photography.

With in the blog Wildlife Callers will also point you to great places to find batteries, decoys, or other predator hunting and calling related items.

When reading the blog you get the sense that these guys are very passionate about what they do. If you like what you read I suggest subscribing to receive e-mail updates, or Subscribing through Google Feedburner. This way you can keep getting all of their splendid information right away. Believe me I signed to receive update via e-mail and I haven’t been disappointed with the info yet.

Here is a little more information about the new Wildlife Callers store.

Wildlife Callers offers the new Mighty Atom MA-15 and MA-21 from Wildlife Technologies; these great products are available in the Wildlife Callers store.

There is a kicker (your going to love this)!

Wildlife Callers is the only authorized dealer for Wildlife Technologies who can customize the sound list of the MA-15 and MA-21 per the customer’s request. You can’t go wrong with the guys who have tons of knowledge about the product, and the experience to help guide you to the correct selection of sounds for your electronic calling needs.

They also offer a few other products in the store like individual animal sounds (incase you want to expand your sound library later), and shooting supplies. Wildlife Callers stands by each and every product they offer, and you can be sure they have thoroughly field tested all of the products before they offer them in their store.

Wildlife Callers will be at a couple of shows in the near future.

On February 26th through the 28th they will be at The International Sportsmen’s Expo in Phoenix, AZ. They will also be attending the world Predator Expo in Columbus, OH on March 19th through the 21st. They will have a booth at each show and Mark Healy will be speaking at both shows as well.

Wildlife Callers is a top notch company. If you had not heard of them before reading this article please go check them out at . They come highly recommended by me and if you need more convincing follow this link to their testimonials page.


~Ben G.


Rebecca said...

I've spent some time hanging out and reading the wildlife callers blog and it's always an interesting read! I just didn't realize all this bonus stuff about them, thank you for highlighting them Ben~

Anonymous said...

That is a real interesting post Ben. I never heard of them until now, I sure will take a swing by to check them out.

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