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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interview with Rick Davis of Dream Pursuit

I had the honor to speak with Rick Davis of Dream Pursuit. During the interview I realized how much work goes into starting an Organization like Dream Pursuit. I commend Rick for his dedication to his cause. I love what he is doing. Follow along with the interview and find out more about Dream Pursuit. I think you will like it just as much as me.

1. Rick Can you give my readers a little background about Dream Pursuit and what it is?

Dream Pursuit is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization, that funds hunting and fishing adventures for children and young adults, 21 years of age and younger, that have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

2. What was the inspiration behind the forming of Dream Pursuit?
Several years ago, I lost a personal friend to a form of cancer called nasopharyngeal carcinoma (cancer of the nasal passage). He was granted a wish hunt on a whitetail ranch down in Texas.

A few years after Dustan had passed away, his father and I made a trip to Texas to hunt hogs on this same Ranch. After a long day of hunting, I was invited into the home of the ranch owner to watch a video that was made of Dustan’s hunt. Although this hunt had taken place several years prior to our trip, he recalled it as if it had happened only yesterday. I was touched by how well he still remembered this event and I knew then that I wanted to be a part of something like this.

On our way back home the idea for Dream Pursuit had started. Upon arriving home, I spoke to my wife about the entire experience and she suggested that I look into starting an organization myself. After some lengthy research, I found that there were not enough organizations like this in existence and so it was then that we formed Dream Pursuit.

3. What is the main goal of Dream Pursuit?
Currently it is to bring the organization to the forefront and get our name out to the public. We are currently doing this through social media and by attending trade shows.

4. Where do these adventures take place?
The adventures aren’t in one set area, but all around the U.S. It really depends on the location of the donated adventure and where the participant wants to go.

5. How are individuals found and selected for these adventures?
Currently we work directly with three hospitals. Texas Children’s hospital in Houston, Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis and St. Jude’s in Nashville. Typically what happens is a social worker will let the parents of these children and young adults know that this is available. They then contact our organization by phone or go online and complete and application to let us know what their dream adventure might be.

6. How are the adventures funded?
They are funded a number of different ways, raffles, donations by outfitters, ranches, guides, but our main source of funding is contributions from the general public.

7. After an individual is selected will their families incur any charges?
No, none what so ever. It is our goal to cover all expenses associated with the adventure. We cover everything from travel, license fees, hunting and fishing equipment, lodging and meals.

8. Why is it important people know about Dream Pursuit?
Because we are a public charity we need help from every one including the general public, manufactures, taxidermist, ranches, guides, and outfitters.

9. Can anyone refer people to Dream Pursuit for these adventures?
Yes the participant themselves, parents, friends, social workers, family, basically anyone can refer someone to us. They can visit us on the web to obtain an application or call our number. The participant must have a physician diagnosed life-threatening illness, be released by their physician to participate in their selected adventure and have never been granted a hunting or fishing adventure by any other organization.

.10. Do you have a cretin amount of adventures you aim for each year?
No we don’t have a set amount we try to fulfill; we simply strive to fulfill every request of an adventure that comes to us.

11. If one of my readers wanted to donate to your great cause how would they go about doing so?
They can go to our website at, click on our “online donations” tab and this will take them to our secure online contributions page. This is a secure page and it is directly attached to our PayPal account. Many people also like to make contributions in memory of a loved one. If you are wanting to do this, just make special note in the “comment” section and tell us the name of the person the contribution is in memory of, and the date in which they passed away and we will make special note of it on our contributions page of our website or you can call us should you have any questions. If you want to donate/sponsor hunting or fishing adventure, donate hunting equipment, taxidermy services or wanting to partner with our organization to help us raise necessary funds, please feel free to email us at or call us at 573-421-5580.

Rick also wanted to challenge people to donate just $15.oo once per year. Rick said that if he could get just 10% of the people in his tri- state area (major cities only) to donate just $15.oo a year he would be able to fund over 200 hunting/fishing adventures a year!

As always I get the last word. I wanted to let you know Dream Pursuit is a wonderful organization and Rick works his butt off. Not only does he have a full time job, but he runs the whole organization by himself. I think it is great that Rick wants to spend all of his free helping these youngsters get hunting or fishing adventure of a life time. KUDOS TO RICK!!

~Ben G.

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Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Thanks for this information! I visited the Dream Pursuit website. It is very nice and certainly a great cause. Once you see those smiling faces, you feel compelled to donate! So I did.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Thanks for sharing Rick's story and what a great cause.

Biazzio said...

Excellent Ben, being close to Walter Reed I know some guides and outfitters are taking wounded vets hunting and fishing. This is great for the kids and our vets.

Brandon Vileta and Corey Yardley said...

We at Honey Creek Outdoors like your blog and are following your updates, keep up the good work! :) Feel free to check out our blog and if you like it we'd love to have you as a follower! Thanks- HCO

Ben G. said...

Karen, Thanks for donating I know it will help someone out a ton.

Jody, Not a problem I enjoyed working with Rick.

Biazzio I love to hear about this kind of stuff it's just so great to know folks are helping out.

Brandon & Corey, Will Do!

T.W. Warr said...

Just came across your article. It is nice to see organzations being formed that help those that are otherwise unable to enjoy our outdoors. Hats off to Rick Davis and to you for posting this information.

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