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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr. Tom It's so nice to meet you

Hey everyone I have been thinking about turkey hunting non stop since deer season was over. I couldn't help myself. I had to write a poem about how optimistic I am about this coming season. So here goes

Mr. Tom how are you
Wake long before the sun rises
This day there will be no compromises
Full clad in camo from head to toe
We must hustle it's time to go
Setting up the decoy spread
In the site we scouted and will not be mislead

Mr. Tom is the one we seek
His dazzling red head is vibrant and sheik

High in your roost sound asleep
Upon the soil we’re not making a peep
The sun appears why aren’t you awake
Just get up already for Peat's sake
Time stops as we wait for you to sound
When you desert your roost for the ground

Mr. Tom why won’t you get going
We conceal ourselves without you knowing

I believe I heard Mr. Tom cackle
Or was it a darn grackle
Pay close attention I’m sure I heard him gobble
Hang on there maybe two in a squabble
Graze the slate and churn out a cluck
For this morning we are in luck

Mr. Tom you’re on the move
You like my summons as you gobble in return and approve

He’s getting close I see red
I can’t confuse that striking head
We have you deceived with our calls
And we aren’t stirring behind these camo walls
He’s taking his time but he’s getting close
He observes the decoys let’s hope he doesn’t oppose

Mr. Tom we have you duped
I know you assume the flock has regrouped

Our lovely Hen you see
But she’s with little Jake how can that be
You dash in to heed the intruder
For our little Jake you will tutor
What a great occasion for you to strut your stuff
You get real big and begin to puff

Mr. Tom how brilliant you look
Our decoys you mistook
I have my bead on your head
Expecting shortly you will be dead
I have my finger on the trigger
Waiting for my target to get bigger
The moment is here don’t think twice
Your lengthy beard looks very nice.

Mr. Tom it’s pleasant to be acquainted with you
It’s too bad for you but this year I’m due

I draw the trigger and the bb’s soar out
You will be on display there is no doubt
BB’s expand just like they must
All I see now is feathers and dust
When the all the commotion comes to a halt
You will be dead and it’s entirely fault

Mr. Tom It was so nice of you to drop in
You made my season and I now have a whopping grin

I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think.

Ben G.



Bill said...

That was pretty good!

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