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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trout Fishing September 2010 (Part 4 Final)

Our last morning came way too quick. We were up early and loaded all our things into the truck. Then we went to go eat breakfast in the hotel once again. It was exactly the same imagine that. Then shortly after that we were on the road to find the new fishing spot.

View of Grand Marais from the gun flint trail

 Along the way off of one of the side roads Gary and I saw a Wolf. Being in Minnesota I guess our chances are better at seeing a wolf, but it was still rather strange to see one on the side of the road. Oh and it was the first wolf I had ever seen in the wild so to speak.
We arrived at a small gravel pit, unloaded our ATV’s and were on the road to find some more trout. We rode for about six miles and soon realized we had gone too far. We turned around and found the right trail, we thought. What a cool trail it was. Up and down around trees, I can’t believe they actually took trucks and Cats on this trail at one time.

Truck at the Gravel pit with all the ATV's

We finally turned off of the trail thinking we had found the right spot. It was a spot all right but definitely not the one we were looking for. I guess if we were Moose hunting it would have been a good spot. There were moose trails every where unfortunately I left my camera on the ATV so I don’t have any pictures.
We kept searching for this new fishing spot and weren’t having any luck. I was beginning to think we were on another wild goose chase. With our time running out we gave it one last shot to find this place. We just kept going until we hit a spot that had been clear cut and the trail just came to an end.  Gary wasn’t about to give up so he hopped off his ATV and headed down a barley noticeable walking trail.

Clear Cut

Gary came back bearing good news. There was a boat and a fishing hole woo hoo! We gathered up all of our gear and headed down the hill side. What a great little spot to find and the directions were right this time. We were just being too cautious.

Gary and I fished the hole while George snapped pictures. We weren’t having much luck catching fish, so decide to hop in the boat.  Paddling out of this little pond was a pretty hefty task with dead trees and branches all around in the water.
Gary fishing in small pond

Small stream that fed into pond

Once we made it out into the main river I was just blown away by the beauty of this place. We casted our lines out and didn’t have any luck there was just too much vegetation around.  Up river looked more promising, so we headed that way we went until we ran into a Beaver dam.

This is what we saw when we made it to the river

Beaver dam

Now it was on. My guess was that there were going to be trout everywhere behind this dam. Well to our surprise there were no fish to be seen on the other side of the Beaver dam.  We walked back toward the boat and casted in the river. Gary caught a couple little brook trout and so did I, but these guys were too small to even think about keeping.

Doesn't this look promising

Gary about to fish from the Dam

Me sizing up the situation

Me reeling in one of the mini Brook Trout
Gary trying to Catch fish

We were running out of time so we had to high tail it back to the truck and go home. We hoped in the boat and paddled like crazy to make it back. When we hopped on the ATV’s we zoomed out of there and back to the truck and headed home. Even though we didn't catch any fish worth mentioning I am very glad I got the chance to see this beautiful place.
I had a blast once again and can't wait until next year. I hope you enjoyed my journal of the trip as well.
Ben G.


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