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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trout Fishing September. 2010 (Part 3)

On our way back to the truck we met an older gentleman and his wife on their UTV. It turned out that they liked to ride all of the old logging trails he use to use when he was a logger in his younger days. He also told us about a fishing spot way back on the trails near one of his last logging trips.
He went into great detail on how to get there using the trails, but as he kept explaining he started confusing himself and me. Gary however was able to get the correct directions from his or so we thought.
After our lunch we set out to go find this place that had a canoe and a couple of nice fishing holes. George and I let Gary take the lead because he was the one who understood the directions. We just kept riding and riding, but form what this gentleman had said we seemed to be on the right path.
Then just as we thought we were close there was a fork in the road where there shouldn’t have been and at that moment I started to have doubts about us ever finding this place.  We kept trying this trail and that trail with no luck. We just kept ending up on dead ends or loops. 
After about two hours of searching we decided to go back to the main trial and check out a few other trails off of it. However there was one small problem my ATV only had about a quarter tank of gas left in it. We devised a quick plan to split up so we could cover more ground.
I took a trail that ended at a camp site with no water even close. The trail George took must have been even shorter than mine because he showed up down at the camp site too. Gary showed up shortly after we made it back to the main trail having not found anything of promise. What a bummer we were on a wild goose chase.
One thing to note if I ever get the chance to go grouse hunting up in that area I won’t hesitate. We saw more grouse than I had ever seen in my life in one day. On top of that I saw one that was bigger than an NFL football, man he would have tasted good.

One of the Many Grouse we saw along the trails. The weren't very shy for the most part.

The gentleman had also told us about a lake that had a dock. We decided to go take a look. After the ATV’s were all loaded up we went down the road to find the lake. We arrived and  it was one of the most beautiful lakes I had ever seen. Being that we hadn’t found the original place we were ready to fish. Gary and George got to the dock first and didn’t have much luck maybe a nibble here or a nibble there mostly what seemed to be small sunfish.

George and Gary Fishing from the Dock

I finely made it to the dock and threw my line in the water a few times when all of the sudden something big hit my lure.  Sweet maybe this evening will end well, I thought to myself. I guess I should have kept my mind on the fish because when that thought crossed my mind the fish wiggled free form my hook.

Shore line to the right of the dock


Shore line to the right of the dock

We hopped back in the truck and headed back to the hotel. Along the way we ran into that same gentleman who seemed rather frustrated with himself because he knew he sent us to the wrong place. He apologized to Gary and gave him the correct directions. Now we knew where we were headed the next morning. Believe me I was keeping my fingers crossed that our new directions right.

Hope you are enjoying my Journal

Ben G.


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like an awesome place to fish.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

fish7hunt said...

beautiful pics.

Ben G. said...

Rick- it is one of my Favs.

Fish7hunt- thanks I try

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