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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trout Fishing September 2010 (Part 2)

Day two started out nice and early. We ate a quick breakfast in the hotel. It was pretty good, but not great. Afterwards we headed up to the secret spot to try and catch some brook trout. It was a bit chilly out so that meant the four wheeler ride was going to seem longer than it should.

When we got to the 4x4 trail we hurriedly unloaded the ATV’s and packed all of our fishing gear on the four wheelers. I was so excited to get back to this stream we discovered the year before I almost went the wrong way a couple of times. When we arrived at our destination George, Gary, and I all grabbed the gear we would need from the ATV’s and started fishing.

Cast one, two, three, four, and five all produced nothing. I didn’t hear any excitement from George or Gary either. “Oh no” I thought to myself “had our great fishing hole dried up?” The just as the thought had crossed my mind I heard the splash of Gary catching a rather nice Brookie. Then shortly after it was my turn to catch one. All together I caught about five nice trout before we decided to move on and look for some new fishing holes.

Gary's 1st Brook Trout

Another of Gary's Brookies

My First Brook Trout

The Biggest Brook Trout I caught

Back on the ATV’s we crossed the stream and headed to the Brule River. Not knowing where we were going or what we were looking for we crossed the river. It was kind of fun driving on the rocks to cross the river.

George Crossing the Stream

Gary and I crossing the river

We followed trail after trail for about 45 minutes until I had to stop the guys because I needed a break. With my cold I was getting extremely fatigued. After a short rest I was ready to ride again. Back to trail riding again and this time I was all fueled up from my rest and a granola bar.

Some of the trails got pretty small

Eventually we found a spot that seemed like it could be very promising. I was pumped to go and catch some fish. As I was unhooking my rod from the ATV I realize my reel had broken. My guess is that it got stuck on a tree branch on one of the many small trails we were on. I was supper bummed and unable to fish. Lucky for me George came to the rescue and let me use his spare rod. WOO HOO!

Isn't it Beautiful

The potential was there

Gary and I trying out the new spot

It's kind of hard to tell but these are moose tracks & they were every where

We ventured out around the lake/stream casting into the amazingly clear water. Cast after cast produced not a single fish or nibble. Grrr.. Then Gary decided to head up stream to see if anything looked capable of yielding any trout. I was hesitant to follow, but eventually became feed up with not catching any fish and followed suit.

About to go up Stream

This would be the life

Maybe I'll try the other side

Yup I'm going this way

I slowly walked up stream casting here and there not catching anything. Eventually became very annoyed, about not catching any fish. Then as I was about to turn around I decided to cast one last time bam a fish hit my lure. I caught a brief glimpse of him and he was off my hook.

With my interest sparked again I continued up stream for a short while not catching any fish. At this point Gary was on his way back looking disappointed. We headed back down stream and back to the ATV’s with out any fish.

When we arrived back at the ATV’s I deemed this beautiful area The Spot that was NOT. Then we went back to the truck for some lunch.

Are you looking for cross bows


Justin said...

Beautiful pictures and good job at getting me even more antsy to have this snow stop and be about to get out there trout fishing!!

Ben G. said...

Thanks Justin, No problem hope your first fishing outing of the year is fantastic!

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