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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magnet Gun Caddy Review

Magnet Gun Caddy - Portable Magnetic Gun Rack

Have you ever been out hunting, got back to your vehicle, and leaned your gun up against it. This always happens as soon as you walk away your gun falls on the ground and scratches your truck. I know I’ve had this happen to me several times. I always cringe when I see it happening because I know I can’t get there in time to stop it.

The Magnet Gun Caddy (MGC) makes this a thing of the past. You will never have to worry about your truck/car getting scratched again, or your gun getting damaged from an unnecessary fall.

Mike from Magnet Gun Caddy sent me their great little product to try out. I couldn’t believe how small the MGC was when I received it. I expected something way bigger. I thought to my self how is this little magnet going to be able to hold my 12 gauge up with out falling (no way will this work).

Was I ever wrong this little guy held up my gun along with every other gun I tried. It didn’t matter what surface I stuck it too as long as it was magnetic (the car, steel door, our freezer) this thing is really sweet. The best part of MGC being so small is it fits in your hunting vest or cargo pocket very easily.
50 Cal Muzzle loader


20 gauge

12 gauge

As most of you know I went turkey hunting this year. I decided it would be a good idea to take the MGC with me and test it out in the field. Every time we got back to the car I pulled the MGC out of my pocket and stuck it to the car. My gun never fell once and the only time I put it in the trunk of the car was when it was raining.
The Guys over at MGC can also provide you with some custom packaging options (6500 min order) and some custom imprinting on the MGC it’s self(1000 min order).
To tell you the truth I like this product so much I think I am going to sign up for their affiliate program.

Ben G.

Magnet Gun Caddy - Portable Magnetic Gun Rack


Jason "all in one printer" Collins said...

This is cool!
Thanks for the information!

Ben G. said...

No Problem Jason. I agree it is very cool.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice little tool and what it can save you in gun repairs because you gun fell over is worth it to buy.

Ben G. said...

I never thought of it like that Rick. Thanks!

Bitmap said...

Just don't forget and try to stick it on your Corvette.

Ben G. said...

Good Point Bitmap no fiberglass cars. lol

Gun Slinger said...

Hey Ben,

That can be used in all different ways, not just with guns. Thanks for posting it for us.

Shoot Straight,
Reviewing the ReviewsPS you should allow back links to make it easy if we want to link to your reviews or articles. It's under "options" at the bottom when you are writing your posts.

Ben G. said...

Gun Slinger,
I was thinking about that this afternoon you could use it when you go fishing for your fishing rod or when you are working on your car for your tools or flashlite.

Thanks for the hint. Backlinks enabled.

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