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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turkey Hunting Addiction (Part 4)

Photo curtesy of

Late Morning hunt on our final day

We found another area of state land and headed in that direction. By the time we got to the new spot it was almost 8am so we parked the car and went for a walk to scope out the area. It didn’t take long before we saw signs of turkeys. Along one of the roads it was pretty obvious a Tom had been strutting.

We walked around for a good hour and found a couple of good spots to set up for our afternoon and evening hunts. We had one more area we wanted to check out. As we came to a fork in the road we ran into a flock of about six turkeys. I think they surprised us more then we did them. Of course they scattered in all directions.

Luke and I saw the direction two of the turkeys went. So we looped back around the woods and sat up in keeping very quiet. I got down on all fours and popped my head out around a big pine to see a Jake in the tall grass on the move about 100 yards to the south east of us. I slowly went back to where Luke had stopped and motioned for him to start calling. We plopped down in an opening with nothing more then some tall grass and a small tree for cover.

The second time Luke called a hen clucked. Then the Jake clucked, Luke called again, and the Jake gobbled. He was headed right for us (the calling a clucking went on for about 15 to 20 minutes). I was all set up ready to shoot him when he walked into the opening. Luke tapped me and pointed the turkey had kind of looped in and came in from the south west. No big deal I move the barrel of the gun and had him in my sites, just waiting for him to walk in out of the tall grass so I could get a shot.

In what seemed like for ever the Jake slowly walked into the opening. He was only about 15 yards from us and hadn’t seen us at all (good camo I guess). The only thing standing between me and a dead turkey was the safe on the 12 gage. As I slowly pressed the safe the Jake never moved then just before the safe was pressed all the way. Ping…….. Instantly my feathered friend had vanished into the swamp. I was so close to shooting him I could almost taste the smoked turkey sandwich I was planning on making after I got him.

We got up and moved to a new location hoping to call him back to us again, but no luck after trying for at least 30 to 45 min. By this time my stomach started to grumble and I was up set at my self for making such a dumb mistake. Luke and I headed for the car to get some lunch.

Ben G.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, to make it through all that and have the safety spook them. That must have been heart wrenching.

Ben G. said...

It was very frustrating, but a very good learning experiance. I can't wait untill next year.

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