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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have you ever found a nice place hunt, but can’t?

I have recently discovered a 30 acre plot I would love to hunt but can’t (ok I’ve known about it for a while). My Mom and Step Dad live in a neighborhood that has a 30 acre nature preserve for the residents to enjoy. I had been out on the preserve a few times in the past but just for short walks on the mowed trails.
The view of the preserve from my Mom & Step Dad's Deck
As of late my Mom has been watching Wyatt and Daffy once every other week which allows Amber to go to work. Amber, Wyatt, and my self usually stay for supper that evening. We usually have to wait for my Step Dad to get home which is great. It gives me an hour or so to go out and explore the nature preserve with Daffy. I think Daffy enjoys the time out in the woods more then I do.
Here is the bummer, after getting this place all scoped out I would love to try and hunt it. There are tons of deer sign, lots of pheasants, and ducks. There is NO Hunting allowed on the Chatham Hills hunting preserve. It makes sense though because at any time someone could go walking out in the preserve just like I do with Daffy.

Proof to Ryan there are Buck out in the preserve

More Proof

One type of hunting they can’t stop me from doing is shed hunting. Even though I haven’t been very successful it’s still fun.
The Beavers have been busy

If you ever run into this scenario just do as I have been doing. Make the best of it and enjoy being outdoors. I guess I just cherish every chance I can get outside, and don’t necessarily need to be hunting, just out in the woods or on a lake. (Some times I even enjoy yard work don’t tell my wife though)
Ben G.

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Anonymous said...

That sure does look like a nice piece of land and it is to bad you can't hunt it. I know how you feel.

Kristine Shreve said...

I think you have the right attitude. There's no way you can hunt it, but at least you are enjoying it.

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