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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Six Feet High and Rising

Saturday afternoon I took the pup out for a walk at our favorite park. Wow was I surprised to see how high the Mississippi river was. The water came up to the edge of the parking lot. Just last weekend my family and I were at the rivers edge watching the ice chunks float by, and the river looked normal. I know I haven’t seen the river this high since I was a youngster living in Sauk Rapids.

What you can’t see is the boat landing and probably about 6 to 8 foot drop in the shore line.

Daffy and I took off through the woods on what was supposed to be a quick half hour to 45 min. walk. Little did the two of us know what was ahead of us? We saw some water here and there and eventually had to side track off of the trail to go around a rather large puddle. Actually, I think Daffy enjoyed the puddle. We made it around with no problems at all.

We kept walking until we came across this giant trail blocking puddle. I decided to go around this one too. To my surprise the water just kept going and going. There was no sign of the water even getting shallow enough to walk through. Daffy and I kept going trying to find a spot to cross. Eventually we ended up with water on three sides of us and no were else to go.

Where do we go now?

Daffy and I had to back track and go out the woods the way we came in. Our little walk ended up taking us around an hour and a half, but we both enjoyed every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

That is one thing I hate about spring time and that is the winter melt and run off.

The Envirocapitalist said...

We don't get winter melt flooding in East Tennessee but we get flash floods alot do to development. Love the pictures

Brandon Heather said...

Yah. This year, atleast around here in Alberta I think we are going to run into some flood issues. We have a lot of snow again this winter and run off isnt going to be enjoyable either! My fly rod will be delayed...

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