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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trout Fishing Part 4

After a quick stop to eat lunch and grab the 4 wheelers we were off to find our next creek. This time we wanted to find a place to ride the 4 wheelers and fish.

The three of us stopped at Buck’s in Grand Marais. Gary stared talking to one of the guys that worked there and asked him a good spot to go catch trout. At first he suggested this one spot I can’t even remember where it was, but he made the mistake of mentioning his secret spot. Well after all three of us talking him into it he finally spilled the beans. It just happened that this spot was also great to ride the 4 wheelers to. After a few small purchases we were on the road to one of the best brook trout spots.

It was maybe about a half hour drive up to the point where we unloaded the wheelers, and packed all of our fishing gear on them. Maps in hand we took off down the forest road. It was a beautiful ride with perfect weather.

Along the way we saw a short trail leading to a small lake. We went down the trail and found a nice little campground and a great little lake. We didn’t stay for long because we had other things in mind, like finding the secret trout spot.

We came to a fork in the road and with the maps not being the greatest and having to remember our directions we went straight and it happened to be the wrong way. It was actually a nice little two mile ride.

Once we got back on track we kept driving and driving a lot longer than I had anticipated. We came to another fork in the road. After stopping the four wheelers and having a short discussion we all decided to go to the right. It was a great decision and it brought us to the unnamed secret spot.

The closer we got to the creek the smaller the trails got.

I grabbed my gear and started to fish. Cast one trout, cast two trout, cast three trout, you get the picture. I’m not sure how many casts I made and caught fish, but I know it was more than any other place we had fished so far.

Down stream look at the spot

The fishing was the same as most other spots we leapfrogged each other up stream. This spot was quite a bit harder to get to the shore and get good casts with out getting snagged in a tree or falling in the water. As any fisher person will attest if you want to fish it you will find a way.
We saw a bunch of moose tracks along the edges of the stream, and at one point I swear I heard a cow moose blaring off in the distance. We saw a beaver busily working on his dam. What a beautiful place this was. I was having so much fun I didn’t even care that my line kept tangling in trees, and I was loosing lures.

Up stream look at the spot

Gary ended up catching the only two keepers that afternoon. One of them was a very nice 14 inch fish. George and I didn’t care because we caught so many fish that day it felt like we were in trout heaven.

A short 45 minute ride back to the truck and we were done with another fine day of fishing. We went back to the cabin to relax and eat some fish.

One quick note on the drive back to the cabin George said that this was one of the best fishing trips he had ever been on and we weren’t even done with it yet.

Fish tally 8 Keepers Gary 6 Ben 2 George 0

We ate good this night!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes a little research and some hard work pays off in a great outdoor experience. Sounds like it was a great day to be trout fishing.

Bob Phillips said...

Nice catch BenG - Great pics of your secret spot!

I want to thank you for being a follower on my site TwoDogsTall.

I appreciate your visit and do come back!

Ben G. said...

Mel, It is amazing how much help a local bait shop can be. It sure was a great day.

Bob, Thanks and I try my best to take good photos. All I need now is a good camera.

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